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This Thursday’s (7th) chapter of Rede Globo’s 7pm soap opera, “Vai na Fé”, made a joke with a gaffe committed by the singer Ludmilla, who is still remembered on social networks and became a meme. In the plot, the character Kate (Clara Moneke) made a charm for her affair Hugo (MC Cabelinho) quoting a line spoken by the singer.

“Launched the braids, right? What’s up Katelícia!”said the boy to his beloved. “I don’t know who you’re talking about, my name is Katia baby!”, replied the character in a provocative tone. For those who didn’t understand the reference, it became a subject a few years ago, a video of Ludmilla being approached on the beach by a group of fans. The singer, who was accompanied by her friends, seemed not to be very willing to meet her admirers and decided to make an excuse.

When one of these admirers asked for a photo with the famous, Ludmilla said that her name was Kátia and that she was not the singer who they believed she was. The video is remembered and viralized until today on social networks, mainly on Twitter. Upon seeing that she had been mentioned in the TV Globo serial, Ludmilla insisted on speaking out.

On her Twitter profile, the owner of the hit “Socadona” wrote: “My name is Kathy”, followed by a laughing emoji. In the comments of the post, the actress who has been successful in the role of Kate echoed: “Aiiiiii Lud. Kate said here that she wants to be your backing vocalist”, actress Clara Moneke joked.

Ludmilla causes controversy by exposing exorbitant ticket prices

The singer Ludmilla ended up getting involved in a controversy on social media in the last month of February. It all started when the “Latin Grammy” winner decided to share with her millions of followers the amounts spent on tickets to concerts by the singer Beyoncé. As is well known, the American artist who is considered one of the greatest voices in the world, returned to action this year and announced a world tour for her new album “Renaissance”.

Ludmilla, who is a card-carrying fan of the pop star, having even used his name at the beginning of her funk career – MC Beyoncé – decided to show her fans the amount spent on concert tickets. On Instagram, Ludmilla shared a print of a conversation that appeared to be with a member of her team, who informed the amounts spent, until then.

In the print, you can see the image of a calculator with the value of 128,968, just below, Ludmilla’s employee wrote: “In total, we already spent that amount on tickets alone! Do you want the calculation of executive tickets and hotel too? I’m going to put the spreadsheet together soon”, she suggested. When sharing the conversation, Ludmilla wrote:

“Beyoncé, I worked for this. As for me and my house, we will serve you, I love you.”, she wrote. The image reverberated on social media and ended up on celebrity profiles. It was there that Ludmilla ended up being the target of some criticism from Internet users: “What’s the need to post this? This one loves to pass by”, complained a Beyoncé fan on Twitter.

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