Valorant: Summary of the first day of Gamechangers matchday 4, GET and Akave take the points on the third map

A new day within gamechangers in LATAM it begins with date number four where the squads continue looking to get the points to add within the general table, with a day full of action where we will see the demonstration of the best competitive Valorant within this competition that continues to give us a lot every day what to talk about in each game.


Started with the confrontation of Movistar Optix in view of Globant Emerald that starts on a map of Haven where the emerald squadron has on its side Reshi who has the stars on his side with an Astra that works very well for him to leave things 10-2, in the second half things did not change much but we did have a reaction of Lynn who puts the end point to the meeting. Going to Pearl things looked very different because shazmoon would make good rounds for MOX, however, fantastic he would also have a presence to have the 7-5, in the change of sides the MOX attack had a good presence thanks to Churra who manages to give good rounds to tie the series. In a decisive map of Split we have both squads fighting in the best way, during the first phase we have control of the GET team who take control of the game with an 8-4 on the attacking side, the second half was very even but it would be Lynn the key to the match when flying with the C4 giving the opportunity to achieve victory.

Akave Esports VS Ramo Awake Gaming

In the second series we have the confrontation of Akave Esports in view of Awake Gaming Bouquet in a first map of Ice box where you see several pretty good rounds with a I did not see who is in an aggressive plan to leave things 8-4, in the second half of the match we see that the defense looks very good for Akave, managing to leave the rivals almost without rounds to take the first map. In Split we see a pretty good attacking side from Akave’s side taking the lead with again I did not see making a presence within the match putting the 8-4, in the change of sides the dawn awakening team manages to honor its name with the plays it raises Zaki to make their rivals fall with a 13-11 that sends to the third map. With things even we arrive at Pearl where Akave’s squad controls the map from the start, taking a wide 9-3 advantage being Karen the protagonist of the first side, in the second part they did not let their rivals react to be able to score a 13-4 that gives them victory.

Two great series that went to the third map demonstrating the high level of each of the participating teams being GET and Akave those that manage to take the fight to be able to get the points of the day, the emeralds are placed in second place in the South while Akave leaves the bottom of the table and remains in fifth place in the North, the action continues the next day with more emotions inside Gamechangers.

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