xQc defends himself after ghosting a VALORANT team


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Over the past few years, esports fans have found that organizations founded or staffed primarily by great content creators work. Or at least, they generate a large social mass. After the cases of figures like Ibai Llanos or TheGrefg, the next one who wants to follow the same path is streamer most watched on Twitch: Félix Lengyel «xQc«. The Canadian creator has already confirmed that he is interested in buying esports teams, however, in the last few hours he has had to apologize for backing out of a deal and not communicating it correctly.

XQc has reiterated that he is interested in getting a VALORANT team -among other esports- and recently he could have gotten it. The Canadian content creator had practically closed the acquisition of Turtle Troop, a team from the VALORANT Challengers -the division before the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT)-. However, finally the streamer backed out and affected players complained about the ways. «We had all the agreements signed, but then he backed out at the last second and made us ghosting“Peter No has revealed”Governor«, Turtle Troop player, in a direct by Yassine Taoufik «subroza«, TSM content creator.

In the process of exit, xQc was absent, something that has annoyed the players and for which he has had to apologize. «There was just a lot going on, it caught me by surprise and I felt embarrassed. I understand that at that time I should have communicated more“Said the Canadian. Among the reasons why the streamer finally decided not to buy Turtle Troop is the expense for the equipment. In any case, the former Overwatch professional player has not gone into details in this regard due to possible legal problems.

a change of course

However, beyond the expense, the fall of the agreement between xQc and Turtle Troop was also marked by the sports conception of the project. While the team’s players wanted to continue as a group, the Canadian had in mind signing stars. «It would have been amazing to buy extremely talented players who are smurfing and make a super team, like a great contender, to see them win everything«, has developed the content creator. With negotiations down with the VALORANT Challengers team, Lengyel is now looking for a new team to acquire to return to esports.

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