You already have a great zombie game to download for free with the Epic Games Store, and be careful that it is not the only gift – Dying Light

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and shapez are now available on the PC digital store, which is also announcing its incentives for next week.

One more week, players can access two new PC games for free through the Epic Games Store. As usual on the platform for parents of Fortnitewe talk about a couple of very different experiences from each other that seek to entertain both users who enjoy post-apocalyptic experiences and those who prefer more relaxed management and automation proposals.

This week’s star game is Dying Light: Enhanced Edition; a perfect adventure for those who like to survive in environments full of zombies and other threats. If you know Techland’s work, you probably know that his undead saga usually offers a good handful of DLC to expand the base experience, and that is why the Epic Games team wanted to give away this Enhanced Edition. After all, it contains an expansion that includes a new mount, an additional game mode, two extra quarantine zones, and a couple of packs.

Download Dying Light: Enhanced Edition for free until April 13.

On the other hand, the second free title from the Epic Games Store is an automation proposal that bears the name of shapez. Here, you will have to build a factory that produces different geometric shapes automatically, so you can expect a complex challenge that tests your management skills. Of course, it has an infinite map that will allow you to carry out experiments of all kinds to meet the required objectives.

Download shapez for free until April 13.

The next free games

As usual in the Epic Games Store, players can download the two installments mentioned above and, incidentally, learn about the free titles for next week. That is why fans of medieval experiences can rejoice at the upcoming arrival of Mordhau, although those who prefer a first-person shooter among mutant dinosaurs can have a great time with Second Extinction Early Access.

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