Ben Affleck appears in an interview speaking in Spanish and fans are hallucinated by the actor’s ability

Ben Affleck showed that in addition to being an actor and filmmaker, he also spends time studying other languages. Well, a video of the actor on social networks went viral giving an interview in Spanish and the perfect and impeccable pronunciation was what really caught everyone’s attention.

Jennifer Lopez’s husband simply left everyone with their jaws dropped by demonstrating his ability to talk about his new film Air: The Story Behind the Logoin an interview with Spain’s radio network La Cadena SER.

A short snippet of Ben Affleck’s interview was shared on TikTok and brings the American actor saying:

What’s important to understand is that this is not the story of Michael Jordan. And Michael Jordan does not appear in the film.

In another part of the interview, he gives more details about the chat with the former basketball player and also talks about the film.

It is so big, so important, so magnificent that there is no actor in the world that the audience can see and say: Look, it’s Michael Jordan. I had to give Michael Jordan my respect. And he wasn’t paying, they weren’t his right. there’s nothing on it (in the feature). For me, it’s important to respect it. But I wouldn’t do this movie if he said he didn’t want me to do it. So I had the opportunity to talk to him and I asked him: What are the most important things in this story for you?. He told me three things and asked me to play Howard White and also George Raveling. The third, and most important, was that he said: You have to have Viola Davis as my mother. It’s like saying: you have to play basketball, but you have to be like Michael Jordan.

Fans simply adored the publication and started making some jokes with the actor’s accent and name.

The change from Ben to Benitosaid a fan.

Why is he so much more attractive when he speaks Spanish? He even looks happierrevealed another.

I love that he has a Mexican accentpraised a third.

He speaks better than his wife!pinned another.

It is worth mentioning that the wife of the artist is Jennifer Lopez, who is the daughter of Puerto Ricans, and has previously been heavily criticized for having a lot of difficulty expressing herself in Spanish.

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