The Flow Gamergy began in Tecnópolis

By: Lic. Agustin Camera

started the Flow Gamergy in Tecnópolis, one of the most important esports and gaming events. The event is deployed in 3 spaces of the huge venue and conferences, talks, showmatch and competitions were held.

One of the first activities that were carried out were different talks and presentations on topics related to the technological world we live in today. The lectures were financial education, women in esports, the crypto world, esports as an Olympic sport, the advancement of AI among others, all with a large audience of different ages.

A League of Legends exhibition was held at the Galicia Arena by the streamers Brunenger, Rodri Carrera and Unicorn next to manuteone of the best LOL players.

Simultaneously, the CS:GO semifinals were carried out, in the first place they faced Fusion vs Furious Gaming (Furious’s triumph) and then Boca Jrs Gaming vs Windingo (Boca won).

Beyond the specific activities on the schedule, during the three days of the event there are stands of the different gaming teams and sponsoring brands where you can play and compete with prizes. From soccer, tennis, ping pong, Rocket League in real life, Formula 1 and MotoGP simulator, up to PC and PS5 to enjoy with friends.

One of the most striking stands is that of McDonald’s, who put together a huge Mario Kart track with real cars controlled by a joystick but the virtual game is projected on the screens. Personalities like Grego Roselló, Fermin Bo and Fran Kaster.

Until Agustin and Camila of Big Brother passed by one of the stands of the gamergy.

Without a doubt, it is a more than attractive event to enjoy with friends and also with family. Today the CS:Go final will be played, there will be an arm wrestling competition with streamers organized by Flow, and closes with a live show. Look at the schedule here.

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