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if you thought that Fortnite It couldn’t be more fun, get ready to meet Unreal Publisherthe new tool Epic Games allows you to create your own maps and games in the Fortnite universe.

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Can you imagine being able to design your own battle scenarios, with magical towns or futuristic worlds? With Unreal Publisher (UEFN) and Creative Mode 2.0 is now possible. All that is needed is a computer powerful enough to support the graphics engineknowledge of the Unreal Engine programming language and a lot of creativity.

this tool freeIn addition to allowing you to design your own maps and games, it gives you the opportunity to share your projects with the Fortnite community.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite is a new PC app for designing, developing, and publishing games and experiences directly into Fortnite.

This is how they describe it from Epic Games.

However, before embarking on the creation of own worlds, keep in mind that Unreal Editor is not for everyone. It is an application for software development professionals or enthusiasts, and to make the most of its possibilities in Fortnite it is necessary to know this new programming language: see each other

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One of the great advantages of using this tool is that there is now access to Fortnite content from four years ago to the present. This means that you can include iconic game elements in the new creations and make the maps even more exciting and attractive for the players.

To make sure that players get the best out of this tool, Epic Games has released three test maps so that players can experiment and explore. These maps offer a wide variety of terrain and features to help inspire creativity in users.


More than 500 million players, Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. Now, with the release of the Unreal Editor, players will be able to be even more creative and express their ingenuity in new ways.

The demo is now available for all platforms and can be downloaded for free

For this reason, Epic Games has announced that content creators will be able to obtain up to a 40% of income from players who purchase their in-game content. This means that whoever has a great idea for a map either kinematicsyou could get a financial reward for your creative efforts, in case you don’t want to leave the material open for free.


Designing, developing and publishing games and experiences directly into the world of Fortnite are some of the options that UEFN gives you.

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UEFN works together with the creative tools existing Fortnite games, and creator teams can work together across PC and consoles to develop and test islands in real time. With the UEFN Beta version, creators have access to a early version It will evolve based on your feedback.

With this beta version of UEFN, Epic Games promises that users will be able to:

  • Create custom content with modeling and material tools.
  • Import meshes, textures, animations and audio.
  • Use Niagara to create visual effects (VFX).
  • Animate with Control Rig and Sequencer.
  • Design gameplay with Verse.
  • Build landscapes to create the environment.
  • Create bigger experiences with World Partition.
  • Use Fab (Alpha) to discover and import assets.
  • Use Live Edit to collaborate in real time with others.
  • Collaborate with Unreal Revision Control.


The Fortnite gaming community has faced the first licensing issues in Unreal Editor, the game and map creation tool for the popular video game.

According to reports, the video game company, Activisionhas requested the removal of dozens of maps inspired by call of duty and has sent notifications for the removal of content inspired by his saga, alleging violations of the Copyright.


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In this situation, Epic Games it was necessary to modify the terms and conditions of use of Unreal Editor to alert about this problem. According to the company, “user contributions must not violate the Intellectual Property Rights nor be in any way harmful to third parties or objectionable”.

Epic Games warned that in case of continuing to create games or maps that violate intellectual property rights, the creator’s account could be vetted permanently.

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