Pokémon GO players report being robbed when using Campfire

Last year Niantic submitted a complementary application for Pokémon GO named as camp firewhich comes to serve as collaborative tool between players in order to coordinate events together and cooperate in activities ingame. However, the most recent reports from the community portend very bad news about Campfire, and that is that there seems to be thieves taking advantage of this app to surprise people at night.

Campfire is full of thieves and the community warns

It has recently been noted in the Pokémon GO subreddit as well as in the Campfire reviews that have been several Pokémon GO players mugged overnight by thieves posing as other players. Although there have been no official reports from the police in any country, there are many users who have explained these meetings on the internet.

It looks like, the modus operandi of these alleged thieves is to use Campfire to create in-app an attention-grabbing flare from other nearby innocent players. By creating a flare in Campfire you can pinpoint Pokémon GO raid locations and gyms to collaborate with other players, but in this case the flare would serve only as a decoy to lure players into vulnerable areas at night, and would not serve its intended purpose.

So people get lured by Flares and then get robbed. You were the real raid boss all along, it seems.
by u/Uunikana in pokemongo

In a Reddit post from a few days ago the user uunikana shared an ironic photo between the expectations one expects when using Campfire and the reality of bump into a thief. “So people get sucked into the flares and then get robbed. It seems you were the real raid boss all along.”wrote the user in the post.

In this same topic another player wrote: “I got a notification like at 11 pm last night saying that a flare had been lit. When there definitely wasn’t a raid going onto which he added: “It was in a small park for kindergarten children”.

The players are concerned and recommend not going to flare calls unless we’re in a group with other people.

They are not the only ones in share your insecurities when using Campfire. If we go, for example, to the reviews of the application in the App Store, similar comments can also be found and warnings about thieves who try to attract others with the flares. The app, by the way, accumulates almost 1000 votes at the moment but only 2.1 stars.

There are definitely several Trainers who They have started warning the community of these awkward situations and potential thieves in Campfire. Some recommend to be prudent and only go to the places of the flares if we are in a group with other players or, better yet, opt for the option of remote raids whenever possible. Something that, precisely now more than ever it seems more difficultbecause Niantic has increased the price of remote raid passes and this has not gone down well with the community.

For her part, the The company itself has not made official comments about these stories about possible thieves. The company came up with Campfire as a way to bring the community closerbut everything indicates that the application is not working as it should.

Pokémon GO is available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details about the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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