LoL: Milio remains among the most popular supports in the game

Milio’s release continues to be a success, and the champion remains one of the best picks for supports.

Each release of a new champion in League of Legends generates a lot of debate within the gaming community, as they usually arrive on the rift very unbalanced. However, the latest to join the game has been a complete success, being among the best options in his role. We are talking about thousand which remains one of the most popular supports of the 13.7 patch.

The gentle flame joined LoL in the patch 13.6 and while few of them received a small buff to their abilities, they managed to establish themselves in the meta very quickly. thousand It is a support in the role of Charmers and at first it was speculated that it would have a gameplay similar to that of luluIn the end it was not like that.

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thousand remains one of best supports in the game, being the second most popular pick within the role as of patch 13.7 with a rate of 13.9%. In addition, it has a win rate of 51.9%, ranking in the top three of the tierlists, but it also has a high ban rate of 20% among players above platinum.

Top 10 Hottest Supports in Patch 13.7

He Milio’s success among players above platinum, it is because it has too easy gameplay to execute in matches and is a very good answer for starters. Let’s remember with the changes to melee supports, champions like Lioness, nautilus and Enlist they were empowered. But with Ultra Mega Fire Kick(Q) You can cancel the movements, stopping the initiation of your rivals in the line.

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With the preview notes for the upcoming patch now out, we know there won’t be any changes to the champion. Hence thousand could hold its own as one of the top picks among brackets, for at least a couple more updates. If you want to know which shooters are perfect to accompany the Gentle Flame online, here is a list that we have prepared.

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