This new Generation 7 Pokémon is coming to Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has announced the new Sustainability Week 2023 event, which will mark the debut of a Gen 7 Pokémon in Niantic’s game.

Pokémon GO continues to live a certain air of tension after the changes introduced in the Remote Raids. The result was a wave of protests, with some players leaving the game. Despite this, Pokémon GO continues to have an active community and adds new content frequently.

Season 10 of Pokémon GO is underway and has brought players some notable monsters, such as the debut of the Legendary Pokémon Regieleki. Another important news was the announcement of April’s Community Day with Togetic, a Pokémon that is not exactly easy to catch in Pokémon GO.

With various events and new Pokémon added to the game, players have the opportunity to obtain significant resources and expand their Pokedex records. By capturing new Pokémon, players are also building stronger teams to compete in more challenging Raids and PvP tournaments.

The new Pokémon GO event will be Sustainability Week 2023, which will start on April 20 and end on April 26. The star of the event will be Bounsweet, the adorable Pokémon of Generation 7 debuting in Pokémon GO.

This new Generation 7 Pokémon is coming to Pokémon GO

Sustainability Week will also make Steenee, one of the prettiest Grass-type Pokémon, and Tsareena, which are the evolutions of Bounsweet, available to you through the evolution with Bounsweet Candy.

In addition to the debut of Bounsweet and its evolutions, players will see Squirtle, Shellder, Wailmer, Drilbur, Cottonee, Petililil, Dwebble, Foongus, Froakie, Larvitar, Binacle, and Bounsweet more often. All these Pokémon will also have the possibility of being shiny (variocolor).

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