BlackCell: The Ultimate Strength For Call Of Duty

The Call of Duty Season 03 Battle Pass launch brings over 100 rewards across 22 sectors to unlock with either an automatic or manual path. In addition, new weapons, characters and cosmetic items are included, and players can upgrade to BlackCell to access exclusive content.

The launch of the battle pass of the Season 03 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. More than 100 rewards in 22 sectors, players can unlock content by following an automatic or manual path. In addition, two new functional weapons and the characters have been added. valeria garza and Alejandro Vargas of the Bell Modern Warfare II. Players can upgrade to the full battle pass for 1,100 COD points or buy BlackCell to access exclusive bonus content.

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Call of Duty Season 03 Battle Pass Launch

The battle pass update includes a new auto-route feature that allows players to unlock content by following a predefined path. Battle Pass sectors can also be unlocked manually, and players can switch between automatic and manual routes at any time during the season.

By purchasing the battle pass Season 03players can unlock operators Valeria Garza and Alejandro Vargasas well as the bonus sector C0which grants the weapon project “The Golden” and a 10% Battle Pass Boost. In addition, the battle pass update includes two new free functional weapons located in the sectors C4 and C11.

In it Final Victory Sectorplayers can obtain items such as the operator skin “The Nameless” for valeriethe combat rifle weapon project “The spine”the operator aspect “Cowboy” for Alexanderthe sniper rifle weapon project “Cowboy 141” and 300 COD points. In addition, there are several featured bundles available in the store, such as the Pro Pack 3: Manticore and the classic Ghost pack.

The store also offers several tracer packs with operator skins, weapon blueprints, and additional cosmetic items like charms, decals, and emblems. Packages include names like “Hopping Mad”, “Dark Rituals” and “Cyber ​​Riot”. There are also other thematic lots such as Dr. Kushlov and Anime Boogie, Inkblot and The Throwback: ’09 Weapon Audioand more batches are expected throughout the season.

The battle pass Call of Duty Season 03 offers a wide variety of exclusive content for players, including new weapons, characters and cosmetic items.

Players can follow an automatic or manual path to unlock content and can also upgrade to BlackCell to access exclusive bonus content. Don’t miss your chance to join the action and participate in Plethora Network for more information and enjoy the experience of call of duty to the max.

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