Emma Watson celebrates 33 years of age and returns to the networks after four months: I learned more about love and being a woman – 04/16/2023

04/16/2023 | 16:10

Our beloved – and unforgettable – actress Hermione has grown to be 33 years old. To celebrate the new cycle, Emma Watson returned to social networks after four months and celebrated her birthday with her more than 70 million followers.

This is 33. Holy God. Before ’29 I hadn’t even heard of a Saturn Return as a concept. Let’s just say I’m now well known. I walked away from my life – I learned to surf (badly), I rode some horses (which went better), I got a lot of therapy (YES therapy!). I adopted Sofia in Mexico, who seems to be an angel and not a dog. We filmed a Harry Potter reunion. He said goodbye to my grandmother and grandfather. I retraced my steps, she wrote in the caption.

Then Emma explained that the posted clicks are from the 2022 anniversary:

These photos were actually taken on my birthday last year, but I wasn’t ready to come out of my Covid Cocoon. Today I feel free. Thank you to the witches in my clan who were so instrumental in helping me get to where and who I am now. You are my Avengers and you inspire and rock me.


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