Fortnite: The collaboration with The Last of Us would come in the future

According to the creative director of the battle royale, there are possibilities of working with the survival and horror franchise.

In mid-2022, a rumor had spread that The Last of Us would arrive at Fortnite, which in the following hours ended up being discarded. With the rise in popularity of his Part 1 remake plus the launch of the HBO Max series, he has moved back into the orbit of future collaborations. And now Epic Games has shown his interest in joining his animated world.

Donald Mustard, creative director of the battle royalehe stated in a recent interview that there are possibilities of working with the survival and horror franchise. It remains to be seen if only cosmetics from the game or the live action version will be integrated into its realization. It also leaves open the possibility of launching both versions individually or integrated as were those of Uncharted.

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As we indicated at the beginning of the note, the ball of a possible collaboration between The Last of Us and Fortnite began to roll in mid-2022. But the latter ended up stopping its roll since within hours Neil Druckmann, Co-Chairman of Naughty DogHe claimed that the rumor was false. For now, it remains to wait for the disclosure of leaks or official confirmation by the aforementioned developer or Epic Games.

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Parallel to the future project between both franchises, Mustard commented on other news in the interview. On the one hand heThe story of Los Siete has not ended and they are looking for some way to revitalize it. And on the other is that, taking into account the popularity of the adaptation of games such as movies or series, They do not have in mind to make a film of the title.

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