Jinx is going through her prime after Arcane

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Arcane raised the popularity of different League of Legends champions, but especially that of Vi and Jinx as they are the main protagonists of the series. Interestingly, years after its release, both sisters are currently two of the main tools in the current metagame. The Piltover Agent has been one of the priorities of the jungle since the start of 2023, however, now it is the Stray Bullet who is reclaiming her throne among MOBA players.

According to data from U.GG, Jinx is currently the most popular marksman in League of Legends. The ADC is considered as tier S and has a win rate of 51.26%. Its selection ratio is practically 30% and in some regions such as South Korea it reaches 35%, which combined with the ban rate (21.5%), makes it present in one way or another in practically half of the games. Along with Kai’Sa, Xayah, Ezreal, and Jhin, he’s currently the top choice for bot lane.

In any case, in this case it is worth noting two fundamental aspects in the popularity of Jinx. First of all, what the champion received improvements in patch 13.5 mainly focused on her W and her ultimate that have made her more of a threat. However, also that the options in the bot lane are scarcer and much more popular compared to other lines. In short, what to see the mark of 30% of pick rate outmatched among ADCs is not so strange.

How does Jinx perform at a competitive level?

At a professional level, the evolution of Jinx focuses much more on the face of Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) no to the last playoffs. For now Zeri, Xayah and Aphelios are the main trinity among marksmensomething that has been reflected both in the playoffs of the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) as in those of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL). Instead, in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has been the second most used pick, although his win rate is not positive.

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