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Launched in 2013, The Man of Steel was the film responsible for starting the “SnyderVerse” of the A.Dwhich divided opinion and will now undergo a reboot to follow the vision of James Gunn It is Peter Safran for the heroes. However, even with many controversies, the film managed to conquer a solid base of fans, who still worship it today. However, more interesting than the film itself are the behind-the-scenes stories of the feature. That’s why we selected ten of them for you to know. Check out!


The original idea of Warner was to have the actor and director ben affleck in charge of The Man of Steel. However, Affleck turned down the job because he didn’t think he was fit to direct a film that needed big visual effects so badly. He later commented that he never chooses his projects based on budget or the studio’s willingness to invest in visual technologies. For him, still inexperienced in this segment, the story was the most important thing. Thus, the studio went after Zack Snyder, who would cast Ben Affleck to be the batman of this universe.

Fitting room

Zack Snyder revealed that while auditioning for the role of clark kentthe costume team got hold of one of the costumes worn by Christopher Reeve in the immortal classic Super manfrom 1978, so that Henry Cavill used.

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The idea was to see if it fit the hero’s visual pattern, even if the suit was substantially lighter than the one used in the film. Henry was able to walk around the set without looking ridiculous, giving the suit poise and vice versa.

The result was so impressive that they were immediately convinced that he was the right actor for the role, causing even Zack himself to change his mind about his ideal actor to bring the new Clark Kent to life on the big screen.

almost lost

When he started looking for his “perfect Superman”, Zack Snyder had a name very clear in his head: Joe Mangiellowho did not pass the test and was later called to live the exterminator. In addition, names like Armie Hammer, Matt Bomer, Zac Efron It is Matthew Goode were on the director’s list. However, after wearing the suit, he couldn’t help but cast Henry Cavill, who had already auditioned for the role in Superman: The Return (2006). The most curious thing about this is that Henry almost lost the role for not answering the studio’s calls to tell him that he had been approved to live Superman. The reason he didn’t answer is that he was too involved with the game World of Warcraftwhich cannot be paused.

The shape speaks

Zack Snyder made it clear that he wanted to do scenes of Superman shirtless, because the suit was so tight so he needed moments where the audience could see that it was real muscle, not padding or rubbery muscle. Henry Cavill bought the idea, but made some demands, the main one not to appeal to anabolic steroids or retouching his body through computer graphics. He wanted to get strong in an honest way, with pure dietary regulation and physical exercise, to honor the character’s purity and deliver an honest appearance to the audience.

hairy chest

Another point that drew attention at the time of the film’s release was Clark Kent’s hairy chest. At a time when the world’s aesthetic standard has an aversion to hair, Henry Cavill had to argue with production to keep his body hair. He said he wanted to break this paradigm that muscular bodies need to be smooth and shaved. To conclude the argument, he brought copies of The Death of Supermanone of the most iconic sagas of the hero in comics, in which he is portrayed in human form, which includes the hairy chest.

secondary costume

Speaking of the hero’s physique and costume, Superman’s uniform in the film is justified as being a type of Kryptonian society’s pajamas, being worn by all of them below their defense, attack and protection armor. However, according to the screenwriter David S. Goyer, Clark adopts these “pyjamas” as his attire to represent his refugee identity. He doesn’t consider himself a warrior and would clearly put himself at a defensive disadvantage against his own people. It’s a functional justification for Super’s little joke flying around in his pajamas and it still legitimizes the outfit being so tight.


If you think that only Ben Affleck stopped being involved with this film and was later called for a bigger role, you are deeply mistaken. That’s because the first actress cast to play the Kryptonian Faora it was such a Gal Gadot. But, luckily for the fans, Gal ended up getting pregnant and had to abandon the role, forcing Snyder to call the German actress Antje Traue to live it in the film. Years later, Gal was cast again by Snyder, now in a significantly more important role not only for this universe, but for comic book mythology in general: the Wonder Woman.


The actress Amy Adams has already become a meme in Hollywood for suffering from the “DiCaprio Curse” of never having won one oscar, even accumulating an impressive six nominations. However, it is not just with the Oscar that she tries exhaustively to conquer. Throughout her beautiful career, the actress tried her hand at the role of Lois Lane 3 times. The first was on the director’s canceled project Brett Ratnerwho had Brendan Fraser as a favorite to play Superman. The second went to Superman: The Return, in which she was also not cast. So when the opportunity for the third test arose, to The Man of Steel, she got it into her head that it was a matter of honor to get the part. And so she did.

Armed forces

Valuing the American armed forces, Zack Snyder called real soldiers from the army, navy and air force to interpret the soldiers who make up the military scenes, even the Smallville police officers were real officers. Likewise, planes, tanks and the like were also armed forces equipment.

New world

The collapsed Krypton in the opening sequence was literally created by the film’s crew, with its own social rules, language, fauna and flora, and an entire social hierarchy based on Plato’s The Republic. To give you an idea, Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics at the University of British Columbia, Christine Schreyer, to help create a language from scratch that reflected the doom of Kryptonian society, which selfishly placed itself above good and evil. For this, she established a language that always put the author of the speech in the spotlight, in a completely arrogant way. Its own geometry was also calculated, in which all the technology on the planet was based on liquid silver floating on magnetic fields. It was a fantastic piece of work used in just over 15 minutes of film, which shows the team’s commitment to creating a believable world to give Superman a solid foundation.

The Man of Steel is available on HBO Max.

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