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  • More than 10 thousand people were at the Fair Complex in this event of the eSports Córdoba Program.
  • The final instances of the FIFA, Minecraft, League of Legends and Valorant competitions were developed.
  • The public was able to see the potential of the Cordovan video game industry.

Some 10,000 people gathered last Saturday in the Blue Pavilion of the Fair Complex to experience the eSports Córdoba Fest 2023, where the finals of the electronic sports competitions that are part of the eSports Córdoba Program were held.

In addition, activities and proposals were shared where video game lovers and the general public lived a gamer experience never seen in the province.

In this area, the finals of the Cordobesa Electronic Football Cup, the Minecraft Intercollegiate League and the League of Legends and Valorant Tournaments were held, reported by casters who broadcast live through broadcast spaces and channels of the gamer world.

But the attendees were not only spectators, but were able to be protagonists in lightning competitions of Just Dance and FreeFire, retro arcades and consoles for fighting games, exhibition and testing of games from local industries, virtual reality spaces and augmented reality actions.

Likewise, those who came to the Fair Complex enjoyed different attractions in the open air proposed by institutions, entities and companies that accompanied this activity. Among them, prominent V Racing driver gamers accompanied them to experience motorsport simulators.

The analogue was also present with an itinerant gym and stationary bike station that crushes PET bottles to help raise awareness about recycling. In addition, various institutional and governmental spaces offered informative and interactive proposals, set with live music sets by DJs together with food trucks that accompanied the activity with a varied gastronomic proposal.

The winners of the eSports Córdoba Fest 2023

With great participation of players and teams from the interior of Córdoba, these are the new winning eathlets of the eSports Córdoba Program competitions.

  • Minecraft Intercollegiate League

After eliminatory rounds, where more than 300 schools from all over the Province participated, the result was as follows:

1 – Puerta del Sol Institute (Oncativo)
2 – President Miter School (Río Tercero)
3 – Gabriel Taborin School (Córdoba)
4 – San Pedro Apóstol (Córdoba)

  • 2nd Edition League of Legends Tournament

A total of 108 teams played qualifying rounds, in all disciplines. The two finalists and champions and runners-up were:

1st – eSports Workshops
2º – The Gulps

The semifinals were completed by Rebel Fox Gaming and Belgrano eSports.

  • 2nd FIFA Cordoba Cup

All the final instances were disputed in person. The podium was made up of:

1st – Marcos Serranos- Club Leones – Sports, Agrarian, Social and Library
2nd – Julian Nill – Nill FC (Córdoba)
3rd – Leonardo Molina – Luro and July 30 (Cintra)

Valorant: 16 teams participated, with close to 100 players from all over the country. The final instance was held virtually and the winning team was Wild eSports, which beat Ebro gaming 2-0

Workshops – Belgrano: In the final showmatch, Talleres beat Belgrano in a penalty shootout 4-2, after drawing 0-0 in the match played virtually, between 11 players per side.

Just Dance: The winner in the dance competition was Facundo Quinteros.

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