Around 700 young people participate in the fourth edition of Rinconada GO!

The Youth area, hand in hand with Eventos Go!, has held the La Rinconada Manga, Videogames and Alternative Culture Hall, in the new Santa Cruz Multifunctional Center, which has featured a multitude of workshops, games, duels and tournaments

The new Santa Cruz Multifunctional Center hosted a new edition of Rinconada Go!, the fourth La Rinconada Manga, Videogames and Alternative Culture Show.

Throughout the day, around seven hundred young people, lovers of Japanese culture, anime and manga, enjoyed a very attractive and varied program, with multiple activities, workshops, games, duels and tournaments, from eleven in the morning to nine. of the night.

Divided into different areas, the public was able to enjoy a Gamer area that hosted FIFA, Tekken 7, Just Dance, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart Deluxe, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Taiko no Tatsuyin and Quest VR tournaments . There was also a space for Koinobori workshops, mini Pokemon spinning top, Mandrakes, Ghibli bookmarks, paper bells and letter soldiers in wonderland.

On stage there were Magical Duels, a Mikibows concert, Kpop, extreme rock-paper-scissors, Tetris 3D Live, Cosplay catwalk, Arale race, among many other activities. This year it has had a special performance by the magician Adrián Lima and with the presence of Cosplay Annie, Cirnos Cosplay and Serenainmad Nessland.

Once again, the Onyxia area was present with different workshops such as create your flag, Ballcraft workshop, Mikado, Letter Sakura, Rubik’s cubes and magic keychains.

In the Champions space, the public had free play throughout the day and different Softcombat tournaments, archery and gel pistol aiming. There was also a Nerf space, the Ouroborors toy library with tabletop and role-playing games, a Marvel vs DC exhibition and other activities such as the Scape Room or the Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot.

The mayor Javier Fernández, together with the Youth delegate, Mercedes Bueno, and the provincial deputy Trinidad Argota, paid a visit to the Manga Hall to see first-hand the development of the activity.

In addition, from the Youth area, a free bus was set up for all those young people who wanted to travel from the center of Rinconada to the place of celebration.

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