FaZe Clan heals with Grand Slam

A Grand Slam not only allows you to enter the history books, but also temporarily heal any present wound. That has been the case of FaZe Clan, an entity that had open fronts with a weight as great as its fame. On the sporting side, FaZe was savoring injustice: not winning tournaments or not showing their best version despite knowing how to play a good game. Counter-Strike. Away from the servers, in recent weeks the club has been the focus of the news due to its poor financial situation. But winning the ESL Pro League against Cloud9 via a solid 3-1 has breathed air into an organization in need of oxygen.

FaZe Clan has applied in the final of the ESL Pro League the solidity that it had had during the rest of the competition. However, it had not stopped showing its weaknesses, as happened in the final of group C or the maps that forZe or Natus Vincere managed to start in the quarterfinals and semifinals. However, FaZe showed the more human side of him. Instead of hiding his weaknesses, he protected them to enhance his virtues. Cloud9 arrived with a positive context behind it. Leader of group A beating Outsiders and qualified for the final beating MOUZ and Álvaro García’s ENCE «SunPayus«.

The final of the ESL Pro League was summed up in the simplicity of seeing in FaZe Clan a much more complete team than Cloud9, both individually and as a group. finn andersenkarrigan» He was proving once again that he knew how to handle the pieces of his equipment as required by different situations. Unlike chess, however, Counter-Strike reward in the individual section brilliance, flashes of genius or states of form. In short, the ability. Like Robin Kool”ropz» and Helvijs Saukants «brokyThey showed it on the first two maps.

Cloud9 kicked off the final hoping to embitter FaZe Clan in Overpass (13-16), but was met with some sublime ropz. The Estonian controlled practically only the entire will of the squad of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The former MOUZ player prevailed in the opening duels, managed aggressions as it should and ensured multiple frags. In FaZe’s Inferno (9-16), broky did the opposite. If ropz knew how to move, the AW Per knew how to stay C9 tempted luck to show him, but the Latvian always responded. Saukants was literally the anchor every team wants to defend a point, becoming the main argument for FaZe 4-11 from the counter-terrorist side.

Cloud9 could not miss the opportunity to go down in history. Maybe not for getting the Grand Slam, but for denying it. For poking at the wound of a FaZe Clan touched off the servers. For getting the first ever $100,000 for stealing that circle of titles at the cost of causing trauma. If before the pressure was already heavy, the arrival of Counter-Strike 2 it only accelerates the heart rate more when it comes to resolving outstanding debts. time to do homework global offensive is nearing its end. C9 threatened to tie the series and force the fifth map. Initially Mirage (16-11) took it, not repeating the mistake made at the start of the final. Later he made FaZe sweat in Ancient, but the North American organization met again along the way.

Ancient (11-16) was a double-edged knife for FaZe Clan. The first half was extremely even, but five consecutive rounds for the North American entity made them breathe the air of champion. Cloud9 was revolutionized and added another four in a row, something that upset FaZe. Karrigan’s nervous tics during moments of tension revealed the pain that losing that Grand Slam could bring. But for the luck of the international squad, Russel Van Dulken «twistzz» appeared to save the papers. The Canadian wanted to become the first player in history to win two Grand Slams and he did so.

FaZe Clan’s explosion of emotions perfectly reflected the importance of the Grand Slam, of not missing the opportunity to go down in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Karrigan was screaming, ropz was throwing his hands to his head, Twistzz was looking for his partner and Håvard Nygaard «rainHe was looking for the phone to call his wife. They had gotten what they wanted so badly. They had finally sat down at the Astralis, Team Liquid and Natus Vincere table. Cloud9 wanted to be FaZe’s nightmare and ended up scared. Each gold bar awarded to champions healed recent pain. Players can rest easy after the work done on the servers. Now it is the club’s turn to heal those economic wounds. Avoid in a margin of 180 days that the work dissolves like ingots melting in the fire.

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