Fortnite welcomes KOI legends skins

Fortnite continues to renovate his store constantly, and despite the recent arrival of Levi and Mikasa from Attack on Titanaccompanying that of Eren Jaeger, available in missions, now it is time to welcome the new KOI kingdom pack.

The legend of the carps lands in the battle royale of Epic Games, although it will do so for a very limited time, since on May 1 they will fly from the store. To which they also arrive and as usual, leaving the turkeys aside to have to pay a cheap price of €14.99.

«They come from different paths, but have decided to work together. Help protect the carp with the Kingdom pack«. A total of three beautiful skins, each one of them with two supplements in the form of backpacks and pickaxes for everyone. As well as a wrapper and a loading screen that complement the entire lot.

Of course, although hopefully, it has little to do with the Ibai Llanos KOI team. Although most likely an agreement of this magnitude would cause many to deposit part of their savings in them, either through paVos or through direct payment, as is the case. Meanwhile, we can enjoy these skins and get the following items:

  • Skin Sent KOI
    • Stagnant Stream (backpacking accessory)
    • Discharge Staffs (harvesting tool)
  • KOI Protowarrior Skin
    • Twisting Nether (Backpacking)
    • Scaled Scythe (Harvesting Tool)
  • Skin Chigusa KOI
    • Lucky Koinejo (backpacking accessory)
    • Sharp Fins (Harvesting Tool)
  • lucky wrapper
  • Loading screen without koibitions

The work of Fortnite To always keep your store alive is one of the hits for the battle royale. That it has in its skins the object of desire of many users, and to be able to show off them in front of 99 other rivals in each game.

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