How much do average gamers spend on their gaming PCs?

Since the explosion of Twitch as a viewing platform for gameplays and eSports competitions a little less than a decade ago, PCs have not stopped growing in number of users that they have come to prefer them over consoles, which has caused a boom in the sale of hardware, accessories and all kinds of devices focused on allowing us to squeeze the gaming experience.

Lots of growth, but no crazy things

that explosion of gaming pc It has led to a wrong image of the user who plays with his computer since, unlike consoles, which are closed hardware systems, We have many alternatives to make the best equipment imaginable. Now, is that myth that tells us that we throw the house out the window and multiply our spending when we enjoy a computer to play is true?

It seems it is not the case. In reality, the percentage of those users who really allocate a considerable budget to customize a truly powerful PC are a minority since, according to data handled by companies like HP, they represent a percentage of the total that barely reaches 20%. They are the ones who do dedicate the largest resources – around $1,200 – and they tend to try not to change that configuration for a long period of years, since their investment, they believe, can remain valid for a long time.

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as expected, are the players casual those who spend less –below 700 dollars– and coincide with the most demanding in maintaining their PCs the same time cycle, although the percentage with respect to the entire universe of computer gamers is higher and reaches a percentage close to 30%.

In the average, but spending more

Between these extremes are two more types of users. On the one hand those who want a point more quality in the game but without going crazy and they spend almost 900 dollars with the idea of ​​not having to change it for an extended period of time. They are one of those who decide, at first, to invest a little more to get rid of the need to have to do it again a couple or three years later. They are calmer and reach an approximate percentage of 20% of the total.

Finally we have the second most expensive, which account for 30% of the total universe gaming pc and? they end up investing in their new hardware around $1,100. Although they are not the ones that assign the most to this game, they do have something that they do not share with the first ones that we indicated, and that is that they update their equipment at a much higher speed, including new pieces as they come on the market. They want the latest of the latest.

And curiously, it is in the two segments where more money is invested in the computer to play is where the community is concentrated millennial more abundant, which means that it is the new generations that are getting on the bandwagon of playing on the PC as the main entertainment platform. After all, the eSport scene is where it has evolved the most and where the main stars –who want to imitate– are forged League of Legends, CS:GO, Valorantetc.

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