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If you are passionate about the fashion world, you have certainly heard about the term “Barbiecore”. The trend has gained more and more space in the fashion universe and promises to win over women who love pink and everything that refers to the universe of the most famous doll in the world.

With the release of the Barbie movie approaching, with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the color pink has returned to being the main star of fashion. If you want to join Barbiecore, but still have doubts about how to include pink in your looks, check out these 5 tips to rock the trend.

5 look tips to join the ‘Barbiecore’ fashion

Very shiny with metallic parts

Why not mix two trends of the moment? The all-pink look gets even more sparkle when combined with a metallic look. You can invest in a metallic piece to match a more basic one, like this look by Kim Kardashian, in which she wears a cropped sweatshirt with leggings and metallic boots and a shiny metallic bag to go with it.

Oversized blazer, cropped and sneakers

A pink blazer is a key piece for anyone who wants to adhere to the Barbiecore style, either in an entirely pink look, or to complement it with a dress or jeans, for example. Pair it with sneakers and you’ll have a cool, comfortable look. Add a leather bag for a touch of sophistication.

Combine with other colors

The color pink, which best represents Barbiecore, can be an intimidating color for the style. Since it’s already a vibrant color, you might want to consider pairing it with nothing less than neutral tones. However, it is possible to add some touches of color, such as mustard, through a piece or even accessories to break up the look.

White skirt and pink blouse

The midi skirt is another piece that fashionistas cannot miss. Pair a white skirt with a pink blouse for the perfect Barbiecore look. And to make the look even more attractive, finish with metallic boots, which are in everything this year.

The classic Barbie in a dress

Anne Hathaway took the Barbiecore to the extreme in a bright pink minidress and giant fuchsia platforms at a fashion show Valentine. This is the most Barbiecore version ever! A custom hot pink mini dress with sequins, featuring a Barbie signature: a pair of (super) high platform heels and a matching shoulder bag.

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