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Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Diet to Burn 10 Pounds in 28 Days

The program is divided into three phases and each lasts between two to three days. NiT explains everything to you.

Presents a sculptural body at the age of 50.

If you think that Jennifer Lopez’s sculptural body is the direct result of the genetic lottery, you couldn’t be more wrong. At the age of 53, the singer, actress, producer and many other things follow a strict diet combined with an intensive training routine. And that’s how you explain her famous ass and her six pack.

The plan that JLo follows may be the miracle secret for anyone who runs, trains and eats a super balanced diet and still doesn’t see any changes in their body. The culprit, in these cases, is usually always the same: slow metabolism. It may even be a genetic characteristic, but as a rule it is nothing more than the body defending itself against restrictive regimes. The good news is that the singer’s diet helps to speed it up and, consequently, to lose weight. To be more precise: ten kilos in 28 days.

Surely, you’ve heard people complaining about slow metabolism. This means that the way the body is transforming the energy obtained through food is not the fastest, because the higher the metabolic rate, the easier it will be to lose weight.

Thinking about the entire functioning of the body, Haylie Pomroy, an American nutritionist, created the metabolism diet. The promise is that it will really speed up metabolism, promote muscle mass gain and balance hormones. In the end, she manages to lose ten kilos in 28 days.

The diet is not new, but it has gained more and more prominence on social networks. One of the main reasons has to do with the fact that it is not restrictive. To obtain the above benefits, it is necessary to always eat five meals a day. Eat within 30 minutes of waking up, drink two liters of water a day and eat only foods that are expressly allowed.

The objective is to fulfill the three different phases of the plan, which last between two to three days. During this period, the proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat varies. Then change again until completing the cycle. Thus, the diet does not become monotonous and, most importantly, you do not have to starve yourself.

However, not everything is easy. During these 28 days you cannot eat industrialized products, dairy products, cereals with gluten, corn, soy, soft drinks, fruit juices and coffee. On the other hand, you can bet on condiments such as cocoa, cinnamon, curcuma, vinegar, black pepper and ginger, as they help correct inflammation in the body and promote fat loss.

The best way to follow the diet

You can start the diet on Monday and this way it is easier to organize the week. In the first phase, which lasts two days, you can start the day with porridge with red fruits or tapioca stuffed with chickpeas (without oil). Mid-morning, you can have an orange. For lunch, the recommendation is to eat a salad with several green options, a portion of chicken, broccoli and half a cup of quinoa. You can end the meal with a slice of pineapple. In the afternoon, opt for a slice of watermelon. Dinner can be similar to lunch.

In the second phase, that is, Wednesday and Thursday, start the day with three scrambled or boiled egg whites. In the middle of the morning, eat two slices of smoked salmon or a can of tuna, in water, and accompany with fennel stalks. For lunch, specialists recommend a salad of arugula, red lettuce and mushrooms with a pepper stuffed with minced meat. In the afternoon you can have three slices of roast beef with cucumber sticks. Dinner is served with just a plate of chicken soup with vegetables.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days of the third phase. At this time you can have toast with scrambled egg and an avocado smoothie with almond drink for breakfast. Baked apple with cinnamon can be the morning snack. And for lunch you can opt for a salad with roasted salmon and sweet potatoes. Dessert can be a piece of fruit. In the afternoon, it is recommended to drink a glass of coconut water and a handful of dry fruits. For dinner you can choose a salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, olives with quinoa and minced meat.

What nutritionists think

For Lia Faria, despite the fact that the diet is “theoretically structured to accelerate metabolism”, it has several “limitations”. The nutritionist underlines the lack of studies that demonstrate its effectiveness and the fact that it is a generalist diet. In other words, that “it does not meet the needs of each individual”.

The restriction of certain foods is another of the points that the nutrition specialist points out as a failure. “The fact that you eliminate many foods unnecessarily makes it not an option for everyone”, says À NiT. And he reinforces: “It is important that, in addition to weight loss, each person has a food plan that is suitable for them and that they learn to eat, that is, that there is a food re-education.”

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