Terra Nativa beer: learn about the project

To get to know the Terra Nativa project well, it is first necessary to know its history and the history of the original North American peoples. The history of indigenous peoples in the Americas is well known. From the Yagán in Tierra del Fuego to the Iñupiaq in northern Alaska, the destruction was catastrophic. Some tribes were completely decimated by European colonizers and the rest live completely isolated or in precarious conditions on indigenous reserves.

In North America, the story is told in several films and in the famous book by writer Dee Brown: Bury my heart in the river bend. For a more current look I recommend the good film Wilderness (Wind River, in the original) from director Taylor Sheridan and starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.

The Native Earth project

Native Land (Native Land) is a project of Bow & Arrow Brewing, from the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The objective is to raise funds for organizations that support indigenous groups and publicize the native peoples of each region.

To participate, the brewery simply needs to choose the organization that will receive financial aid from the sale of the beer and verify the name of the tribe that inhabited the brewery’s location. This search can be done through the website native-land.ca , which has information about various tribes around the world. A brewery from Pernambuco could make a Native Land Aticuns-umãs, just as a brewery from Rio Grande do Sul could make a Native Land Mbiás.

The beers created

Tiwa Native Land

Bow & Arrow Brewing honored the Tiwa people, which inhabited the region of New Mexico. The founder, Shyla Sheppardis descended from American indigenous peoples and the brewery always makes reference to its origins, from its name to its products.

Matt Codebrewer of Aeronaut Brewing, was enthusiastic about the idea. The Native Land project fits in with the diversity effort proposed by the brewery, which also participated in the Black is Beautiful and Brave Noise campaigns.

Aeronaut Native Land Penacook beer & pawtucket

Terra Nativa beer

A Aeronaut Native Land Penacook & Pawtucket is a New England IPA, with Citra, Strata and El Dorado hops. A good beer, with medium bitterness, aromas of tropical fruits and an alcohol content of 6%.

The brewery is located in the city of Somerville and honored the Penacook and Pawtucket tribes, two of several tribes that inhabited the current state of Massachusetts (Indian name). Part of the proceeds will go to the First Nations Development Institute (firstnations.org.) .

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