The Counter-Strike 2 announcement has had a side effect, and it’s not a good thing: Now the games are filled with bots to get some extra money on Steam – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Crate and experience farming is now all too common in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It’s without doubt that Counter-Strike it is played more than ever. global offensive has broken its record for concurrent users multiple times over the past few weeks. However, Valve has a problem with excessive hype. The expectation caused by the number of players and the future release of CS2 has led to a general price increase in the cosmetics of the game. It is a situation that, at first glance, seems positive since all the members of the community can now get some extra funds for their portfolio of Steam. However, it has also given rise to a bot invasion.

Not all Counter-Strike players are real

Almost all Counter-Strike cosmetics are obtained by opening loot boxes. These containers, as well as the skins obtained in them, can be sold in the community market. Until now this wasn’t too much of a problem as most lootboxes were only worth a few cents. We must bear in mind that, by itself, this loot is not very useful. After getting hold of it, we still have to pay 2.35 euros to buy a key that can open it. However, with the recent increase in the price of skins due to their compatibility with counter strike 2, these containers are also now being sold at a higher price.

Here we have the first two links in this chain of problems. The third is related to the method of obtaining the ‘loot boxes’, since these They are only obtained as a random reward after finishing a game. Here the sum has become very easy for us. There are people who, wanting to get a little extra this month, have programmed bots to play Team Duel mode and end up getting crates that they can later sell. This practice, sometimes, is also carried out players who want to get more experience to achieve service medals. It’s even possible to do both (a game filled with bots to get crates and also give experience to a player’s main account).

The players have echoed this situation (via Reddit)

Although the situation has become more apparent with the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, Valve has already faced similar problems in the past. Loot boxes always fetch relatively high prices when released due to low units, and when this happens, there are always a few bots in matches. However, it is rare that the situation lasts over time. Even more if we take into account that over the last few days there have been problems with inventory management which, although it has pushed prices up even more, is making it more difficult to sell products in the community market.

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