The VALORANT team Stewie2k has been testing with

Everything seems to indicate that stewie2k It continues to receive proposals from different projects. The American has confirmed in a live broadcast that he has been testing for one of the great teams on the soccer scene. VALORANT. If this signing has been confirmed, Stewie2k would have shared a lineup with one of the best players in VALORANT. Despite the fact that he has only practiced, this shows us that the former professional of CS:GO is very close to competing at the highest level in the shooter of Riot Games.

A few weeks ago, Stewie2k shared his official disassociation with Evil Geniuses on social networks. In this way, the American was a free agent and could join new projects without any problem. Everything seemed to indicate that Jake would focus on VALORANTbut in the statement itself he did not rule out returning to the competitive CS:GO. Nevertheless, the situation of the scene NA makes it almost impossible for Stewie to return to the video game in which he was proclaimed champion of a Major. The latest non-sports controversies about him, his file and the American scene of CS:GO leave the player very close to VALORANT. This has been confirmed weeks later.

Stewie2k was very close to signing for Disguised Toast

In one of his live shows, Jake has confirmed that he has been testing with Disguised Toast. “They asked me to do a test and I tested with them for two days. I felt like I did pretty well,” Stewie2k confesses. Finally, OCEAN, the team’s coach, confirmed that he might not be the chosen one. Despite this, the player points out that he felt very comfortable and grateful for the opportunity. Stewie2k says that he could have made a very good team with yay. Disguised Toast is currently participating in the Challengers League: North America and has great attention after the signing of yay himself.

Several means suggest that the player would have received proposals from FaZe Clan while practicing with the aforementioned team. Despite all the controversies, if there are interested teams it is because Stewie2k is still in a good state to compete and has the right level to sign for a great team of VALORANT. There may be doubts about its performance, but Signing a player like Stewie2k would, due to his popularity, make a huge impact on the gaming scene. NA.

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