Two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are on sale for $500,000

He market of skins of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive It leaves us with situations that are difficult to understand: although we recently told you that a special design of a weapon would have been sold for the price of a flat in Spain, now we have learned of a transaction that multiplies that amount several times and is placed in second most expensive sale of the shooter Valve multiplayer.

In total, this new sale amounts to US$500,000. What it includes will sound little to those unfamiliar with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: the skin 661 ST MW 4xTT holo for AK-47 and Case Hardened Blue Gem Karambit knife. The alternate design for the assault rifle has sold for nearly $400,000, while the knife has cost its anonymous buyer just over $100,000.

follow the success of CS:GO waiting for counter strike 2

This type of movement confirms that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to have a very important presence in the video game sector, something that is also made clear by its simultaneous player recordswhich continue to break despite the fact that it was released more than 10 years ago: the latest data is that it managed to bring together more than 1.5 million concurrent users after the announcement of counter strike 2a new version that is accessible by invitation and whose final release is scheduled for summer 2023 only on PC.

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