Valorant announces the date for the Premier beta

The team of Riot Games has announced important news about Valorant, the popular tactical first person shooter. And it is that the company has announced the date when the premier beta, the new competitive side of the action game. This new competitive team system will allow us to form a team with between 5 and 7 friends to compete for glory against squads with a similar skill level. And we won’t have to wait long, since it will be on April 25 when this global beta will be released. In addition, Riot Games has announced the requirements for SMS verification, completion of a Ranked in any Act, and building (or joining) a team of 5-7 players.

In order to participate in Premier, the owner of the team will have to register it and select the zone, which will determine both on which servers it will be possible to play and the schedule of playable games. The 20 divisions will be based on the average MMR of the top 5 players on the team.

Week by week each team will be able to play a maximum two games, in which points will be added to the Premier score. Teams with enough points will qualify for the knockout tournament. During the last day of the global open beta, tournament matches will be played, using a map picking and banning system similar to that used in professional matches.

Teams will start in the main draw, with the winners earning a unique player card and title, as well as being crowned champions. The losers will move on to the consolation draw to compete for third place. All players who play at least one game will get a title and a player card.

Although the launch of this Valorant mode is planned for August, after VCT Champions 2023, the Next July we will be able to enjoy a new Premier phase.

This new Valorant mode will offer a new avenue for players around the world to aspire to be professionals. Thus, in the future, Premier will allow access to the VCT Challenger Leagues. So that excellent players can compete against proplayers. From the regional leagues, players can be promoted to International Leagues and potentially, Champions. Riot Games is still weighing in on the exact details of how Premier will integrate as a path to pro. Each region and league are unique, so the developer is finishing the structure that will accommodate all of them in the Challenger ecosystem.

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