Valorant: Leviathan and Evil Genius join the middle table with a 2-1 result in Liga Americas

The second date of confrontations within the Americas League It has great confrontations where we will see a large sample of challenges from each of the squads, the search for the points in the table intensifies with each passing date because each of the participants continues to demonstrate their training results to achieve victory.

Leviathan VS Sentinels

Starting with a duel Leviathan against Sentinels on a map of Split where we saw a performance of Zekken in the first minutes that gave a great opportunity to the NA team who took the lead leaving the score 7-5, the second half had a large number of rounds because both sides had great proposals being the Latino team the one that took things on his side to send overtime thanks to the ability of Kingg where the sea dragon takes the win 14-12. In the second scenario we go to Ascent with an interesting start from the North American squad that managed to set the pace of the match, taking out a good number of rounds on their side thanks to Zekken which puts it 7-5, during the change of roles both teams had a great performance in each passing round but it would be the Sentinels who managed to stand out with a 13-10. Arriving at deciding we see a map of Pearl where the Leviathan squad where mazino He had a great role during the defending side that gave them a large number of rounds to make it 10-2, in the second half the attack of the Latinos was very effective by creating good opportunities to take the rounds for their side to end the match and take the series.


The second contest would be evil genius in view of KRU Esports in a Pearl where the attacking side would be for the Latinos with a Keznit who manages to take the lives of the rivals on several occasions to get to 9-3, in the second part of the map the squad of evil geniuses who have on their side a jawgemo who managed to give his teammates the opportunity to take the map with a 13-10. The second contest puts things on a map of Ascent where we see the EG team dominating the first rounds with a power shot from Boostio which gives a good advantage to make it 8-4, the second part had a display of skill from Nagz who managed to take the shots at the right moments to score 13-11 that tied the series. The final map would be fracture where we see the EG squad that puts things on their side with a Jawgemo that manages to score 7-5, the change of sides had a very marked situation because Com He would have a great role with which he will score things in favor of the NA team to win the series.

After two very interesting matches we have the victory of Leviathan and Evil Genius who take the victory with a 2-1 victory in each of their matches to place themselves in the middle table of the tournament demonstrating their great strength, on the other hand the pink squad has not managed to know the victory for which they remain at the bottom of the table during this week but having a good performance.

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