Valorant: What is the Fnatic economy and why has it broken the meta of the game?

If you are watching competitive Valorant matches lately, be it the Rising, the Spanish competition or the various VCT, Pacific, Americas or EMEA competitions, from time to time the term appears. “Fnatic economy”. At the moment, this ‘trick’ is working very well and has completely changed the purchase goal.

Below we explain what it consists of and why it is being so good for the teams that use it and what advantages it can bring. Without a doubt, after reading this, it is more likely that you start using this purchase in your games and optimize face resources throughout a game on both the attacking and defending sides.

What is the Fnatic purchase?

Here you can give two options, depending on the round of pistols, which is usually key to direct the sides:

  • If you win, the second round you usually force it, buy weapon and small shield
  • If you lose the first two, the moment you can buy Vandal or Phantom, buy it with small shield.

The key is the gold difference. It is not logical that 25 shield you pay 400 credits and for double you pay 1000. Its price is not balanced and it is possible that in the future it will go up to 500-600 credits. At the level of bullets, they will kill you in almost all scenarios, both with a large and small vest, except for one, the one with the Phantom at medium distance to the head, which removes 140.

Statistically it is said that with this economy you can buy up to two times more along a side, so in a tight map you could buy four more weapons, something key to break a negative dynamic or establish a solid economy if you gain several points and thus transition to the heavy shield. Using the Fnatic economy you will see As in some rounds you can buy Guardian, or Phantom or Vandal and the companions that don’t follow you can only have pistols or Marshall, and have credits for the next one.

This economy fits like a glove to characters like Jett or Chamber. The answer is quite simple, since by generating a better bank, you can buy the OP first, a weapon that for some players is key to start a round with an advantage or to gain confidence if they have started badly. Without a doubt, this method has broken the meta to some extent, and Riot will be monitoring this case to nerf it and balance the game.

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