VCT Americas: KRÜ continues without adding victories

VCT Americas: KRÜ continues without adding victories

The regular season advances and the VCT: Americas still does not receive the best version of KRÜ sports. The pink team fail to fully connect in Los Angeles and lose again in what is already a dark start. The last Sunday KRÜ fell to Evil Geniuses 2-1 and added his third defeat to the thread from the beginning of VCT: Americas. KRÜ It is the only team in the league not knowing victory and closes the third week as bottom line.

Close again but it does not arrive, KRÜ he fought with good resources but still did not materialize the victory. The team of former Argentine soccer player Sergio «Kun» Agüero does not add victories and begins to be worrying. Although KRÜ’s sensations within the server are a little more positive that others weeks, not taking the series continues to hurt. This time the winner against KRÜ was Evil geniusesthe first North American team that KRÜ competes against this season.

From more to less and KRÜ falls again in the VCT: Americas

Rare sensations in the KRÜ coffers, a new series was presented and the Latinos failed to add their first victory. KRÜ is still not convincing and this translates directly to their failure to win a series in the regular season. Although this time it seemed close, the chances fell apart towards the end of the match.

The series between both teams began in the election of EG, where KRÜ It started off very strong with an incredible performance by Angelo Mori.”keznit«. He deus started the series on a high, however, the change of sides put Evil geniuses on the attacking side where they came back with a 13-11. The 22 drops of Keznit with Jett they failed to sign the theft of the map by the Latin team.

Starting well, but behind on the scoreboard, KRÜ He had to go out to look for a tie in his election, Ascent. Something that the pink team would achieve by returning the result and the comeback of the first map but from the defending side. However, the airs in the decide they were different and despite the fact that KRÜ was the one who had just won it didn’t come out in the best way.

The whole team was of more less in this last map, being the loss of Keznit the most notorious in decide. The Chilean duelist failed to appear in the fracture and KRÜ He was very sorry for his poor performance. Even so, EG He looked very superior and ended the series by a 13-7. The North American team took the victory against KRÜ, leaving the LATAM team empty-handed for another weekend. The next presentation of KRÜ in the VCT: Americas will be against 100Thieves. Another NA team waits for a KRÜ that must add if you don’t want to depend on a miraculous second half of the season.

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