Virtex partners with Skybox Technologies

Virtexthe new sports entertainment company, has announced their association with Skybox Technologies, the Counter-Strike viewer analysis tool. This partnership will allow Virtex to create a new viewing experience for esports fans, including the virtual stadium in the metaversewith stands, bar areas and an immersive virtual reality experience, where it will place the viewer “inside” competitive CS games. This title is the first top-tier esport to be supported by Virtex.

With years of experience providing solutions and analysis for CS:GO, Skybox has been working with Virtex to help integrate Counter-Strike maps into the virtual arena. In addition, they are intended to ensure that in-game models and spectator tools work smoothly.

The two organizations claim that the tool will create meaningful experiences for fansproviding virtual meeting spaces, along with a deep 3D experience for the viewer, in addition to allowing see the players or areas they want.

We’re thrilled to bring a title like Counter-Strike to Virtex Stadium and give more fans the chance to experience top-level gameplay in a way that’s never been done before. CS:GO was the third most watched esport last year and already has a huge fan following, so we are delighted to be working with Skybox to deliver a unique 360° experience for fans.

Tim Mcguiness, co-founder of Virtex

Virtexwhich is currently in closed beta phase, is looking for partners across the esports arena, from teams wanting dedicated arenas for fans to tournament organizers looking to increase revenue from their events. The service is also extended to brands that wish to activate and encourage participation.

Skybox has already established relationships with the esports community and is currently used in ESL eventsas well as with CS:GO teams like NAVI and Team Liquidto gain an analytical edge over your competitions.

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