Fortnite creative reveals if there will be collaboration with The Last of Us

One of the rumors that circulated last year was that of a collaboration of The Last of Us with Fortnite. However, we are already in 2023, Season 1 of the HBO TV series has already finished and the collaboration did not materialize. So the collaboration will never happen?

The rumor suggested that Fortnite could receive content from The Last of Us to apparently promote the live-action HBO series. Clearly, the rumors were unsubstantiated and even Neil Druckmann, creator of the IP, helped dispel them, but that’s not to say that the collaboration can’t come true.

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whatThe Last of Us will come to Fortnite?

The chief creative officer of Epic Games and lead developer of FortniteDonald Mustard, was present at an event in recent days and in it he was questioned about the possibility that The Last of Us have a collaboration with Battle Royale. The interesting thing is that the creator gave a hopeful answer, since he did not rule out that it could happen in the future (via ShiinaBR).

Clearly, this is not to be taken as some kind of confirmation or that there are plans for this, but simply as a possibility. In fact, it may be the default answer to any collaboration question. However, it is better than a denial.

However, we remind you that a lot of franchises from different media have collaborated with Fortnite to promote themselves, including PlayStation IP, so it is not unreasonable that sooner or later it will be the turn of The Last of Us, perhaps to promote Season 2; either way, fans will have to be patient.

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