LoL: There are skins of Ornn, Vi and more champions on offer

PROJECT: Vi is one of the skins that is on sale this week. Also, there are cosmetics from Ornn, Zed, Karma and more.

In a new week of special offers on skins from League of Legends, PROJECT: Saw and Space Wave Ornn, two cosmetics that regularly cost 1350 RP, are at their reduced prices in the shop. These are the best skins of both characters for some OTP.

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In addition, Summer Graves, PsyOps Viktor, Space Wave Lissandra, Spirit Blossom Syndra, and Cookie Soldier Braum are also discounted along with more cosmetics.


Next, the list of skins that you will find on sale from April 3 to 9.

Graves City of Crime 975 633
Zac Empyrean 1350 975
Camille Program 1350 540
Supergalactic Kindred 1350 607
PROJECT: Zed 1350 810
Empyrean Jax 1350 975
PROJECT: Saw 1350 540
Evelynn Redbreaker 750 375
Summer Rek’Sai 1350 944
Karma Dragon of Tranquility 1350 742
Space Wave Ornn 1350 975
Supergalactic Elise 1350 540
Vex Bringer of the Dawn 1350 742
Kog’Honey 1350 944
Shen Blood Moon 750 375

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In addition, Riot also applies a weekly discount on the prices of champions found in Riot Points (RP). Although this is not the case with the essentially blue price of the champions. To get a better price with this payment method, you have to obtain the champion’s fragment. Below is the list of champions that are on sale (their RP price) for the week of April 3-9.

*If there is any discrepancy between the prices shown and the prices expressed in the customer’s store, take into account that the official source of price and discount information will always be the League of Legends customer.

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