Secrets of 6 landmark sex scenes revealed

Many argue that one of the best tricks of any film is to resemble reality as much as possible. And the sex scenes do not escape this rule. The idea is that what people see is as close to reality as possible. What many are unaware of is that there are tricks who help everything run smoothly between two actors who have to star in intimate moments. And that’s what happened in 6 scenes what are we going to talk about.

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Scarlett Johansson’s orgasm makes Joaquin Phoenix leave the studio
Scarlett Johansson reveals that the moment when she was recording the sound of orgasm led Joaquin Phoenix to leave the studio (… continue reading here)

30 cm penis | Pleasure Games (1997)

Mark Whalberg resorted to a giant penis prosthesis to give life to the waiter who becomes a successful porn actor. The false member was more than 30 centimeters long and the rumor was created that the actor had kept the prosthesis. “Yes yes. It’s in a safe, locked. It’s not something you could leave out. All of a sudden, my kids are looking for their cell phone charger, they pull that thing out and say, ‘What’s this?’ It wouldn’t be good,” he said. Ellen DeGeneresin 2022.

Vagina Wig | The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

It is one of the most remarkable films of recent years and still feeds many stories. In an interview with broadcasters fitzy It is Wippa, Margot Robbie tells that there was a room full of merkins, a kind of wig for the genitals. The actress entered a room full of these articles to choose the one she used in the famous scene in which she spreads her legs to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Super Glue | Fifty Shades of Gray (2015)

It is a trilogy full of eroticism and with many stories in the mix. In an interview with Marie Claire, dakota johnson revealed that the production had to resort to a very strong glue to hold the sex tape on his genitals.

Small bag | Fifty Shades of Gray (2015)

It could stay at the same point as the previous one, but it is a story that deserves its own protagonism. Jamie Dornan revealed the Jimmy Kimmel who used a “tiny bag” on their penis.

Sponge for the vagina | The Favorite (2018)

It was in an interview with The Graham Norton Show what Olivia Colmanwho gives life to Queen Anne in The favoriterevealed to have resorted to a sponge to record a scene with Emma Stone. It was placed in the vagina. “Emma Stone was worried about me because she had to touch me under the sheets. To avoid finding something she shouldn’t have found… I asked the makeup department if they had a sponge,” she says. Also revealing the reaction of the actress. “’It’s okay, there’s a barrier, you’ll be fine’. It was a big wet sponge. She was climbing up my leg and her reaction when she touched it was recorded,” she says.

Sarah Silverman

It’s not a scene, but an overview of the situation. Sarah Silverman has already addressed the topic, stressing the lack of care that existed around the actors’ comfort during intimate moments. This was before the existence of the most daring scene coordinators. In conversation with Mirror, the actress recalled a scene from a film that she did not identify. She says that the actor was naked and that there was only panties separating both. “He (was) completely naked. He could completely feel the hard-on in him. He wasn’t even a real actor, he was an extra. And he is crushing me and f***ing me in the scene,” she finishes.

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