that’s Monster Hunter Now

Niantic, responsible for Pokémon GO, is not stopping, because he has just added one more to all the games he has in hand, having announced Monster Hunter Nowwhich, as its name suggests, will be a new installment of the popular Capcom saga that both companies will develop together.

It will be a title intended for mobile devices that will try to bring monster hunting to the real world, so that we have to face gigantic creatures in the streets, parks and neighborhoods everywhere. To do this, players must form groups to face them, either with friends or with others who want to join the battle.

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John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, is convinced that this will be the definitive game for all those who want to enjoy an augmented reality experience that is impressive:

Monster Hunter Now will be the ultimate experience for all those who have dreamed of taking on epic monsters and fighting them in the company of friends. Monster Hunter Now is perfect for bringing it into the real world: packed with fantastic creatures, exciting hunting and teamwork opportunities, with the best graphics possible on mobile devices.

Another of the functions that it will include will be the possibility of marking monsters to go after them later, being able to close the application without problems. In the absence of more details, its arrival on Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS will take place in September, although for now you can sign up on its official website in order to have the luck of be selected to participate in a future beta.

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