Valorant confirms the arrival of Premier, the tournament mode similar to Clash of League of Legends

Source: Riot Games

After several months in development, Valorant announces the official date of its tournament mode. Premier, It will come out in a beta phase on April 25, coinciding with the start of a new event at shooter Riot Games tactical and the introduction, again, of Bind to the competitive rotation of the game to the detriment of Icebox

The requirements that are requested to participate in the competition are the following:

  • That your account can be verified by SMS
  • Completed a Ranked in any Act
  • Create or join a team that has between 5 and 7 members.

From the lowest elos to a chance to reach the elite

Once you get together from five to seven players, the team creator will register his team and select the zone, a parameter that will determine both on which servers you can play and the schedule of playable games. In total there will be 20 divisions in which the competition will be distributed, and these will be based on the average MMR of the five best players in each team, with which the best possible balance will be sought.

Week by week, each team will be able to play a maximum of two games, in which points will be added to the Award score.r. Teams with enough score will qualify for the knockout tournament. During the last day of the global open beta, tournament matches will be played, using a map picking and banning system similar to that used in professional matches.

Teams will start in the main draw, with the winners earning a unique player card and title, as well as being crowned champions. The losers will go to the consolation box to compete for third place and if they play at least one game they will also get a title and a player card.

The main objective of Premier is to give an opportunity to reach the highest competitive competition in the game, which will allow the discovery of great talents and players far from the radars of the VCT and VRL teams.

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