Elxokas calls Valve ‘m13rd4 scammers’ after spending $4,000 on Counter-Strike crates without getting a single good reward

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamers are spending more time searching for weapon skins than they are in the game itself, and this has been noticeable lately as streamers like Rubius have been trying their luck live to pull off skins for knives that can cost thousands of dollars with the Loot Boxes system. Another of the content creators for Twitch, Elxokas, also entered to try his luck in this addictive system, of which He left disappointed and upset with Valve after spending €3,600 on a stream without getting a single good reward.

The controversial streamer livestreamed his CS:GO Loot Boxes opening as he was excited about the prospect of getting a knife skin to make up for the box investment. However, after spending more than an hour opening boxes and not receiving the best possible items, Elxokas’ happiness began to fade and he slowly showed more annoyance and disappointment towards Valve, commenting that it is unfair that they do this to a player who has been playing their video games for years and not reward their investment, in addition to calling them “shit scammers”

I was excited sons of bitches, I’ve been playing your game all my life and speaking well of your games (Half-Life and CS), and that you have this fucking system is disgusting, thief, and it’s for scammers.

After Elxokas’ aggressive reaction after opening some 750 boxes, according to his calculations, which add up to approximately 3,600 euros (almost $4,000), Twitter users have divided opinions: while some call Elxokas a crybaby and criticize for insulting Valve solely for having bad luck not receiving a knife after spending so much money, others focus the relevance of the situation on remembering that Loot Boxes are a camouflaged gambling system to spend exorbitant amounts of money while generating addiction to their players. Rubius has defended Elxokas on this occasion, commenting that ‘funning’ him for opening CS:GO boxes would be hypocritical: “It would be hilarious if Xokas or I were found guilty for opening Counter boxes when there are literally thousands of streamers and youtubers that have been opening FIFA packs for years. Or cards from Clash Royale and many other games. I can’t wait for that day to come.”

Both Rubius and Xokas acknowledge that this system is a huge scam that generates addiction for those who invest money in it, but they can afford it. Elxokas warns players not to fall for this gambling system and mentions that it is much safer to use the CS:GO market to get weapon skins. For his part, he assured that he would never play Counter-Strike again even when CS2 comes out.

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