Estral Esports, an LLA team, expels its director of operations for domestic violence against Colombian streamer GoddessAlfa

The LLA ended its competitive season several days ago, where the Rainbow7 team managed to win on five maps against SixKarma, now, the Mexican team must look for luck in MSI 2023, however, unfortunately an extra-sports scandal shook the entire community of League of Legendsit turns out that, the Director of Operations of Estral Esports, one of the teams with the most fan base in the LLA, was accused of domestic violence against his partner, the Colombian streamer GoddessAlfa.

The facts were known hours before the Colombian streamer will post some stories on her Instagram, showing signs of beatings and intense bruises, which he explains were due to physical abuse by Jorge “Jarvan” Valencia, formerly known as “Legion”, former director of operations for the Estral Esports team.

Catalina “GoddessAlfa” Upegui also attached a copy of the criminal complaint she filed against Valencia at the Mexico City attorney general’s office, although Upegui is from Ibagué, Colombia, and has lived in Mexico for several years, as a result of the dramatic situation, the streamer decided to return to Colombia and close her social networks for a while.

The situation went viral pretty quickly and Upegui published fragments of his conversation with Valencia, which revealed the violence in which the streamer lived with his partner, currently, the situation is in the hands of the Mexican justice and the case will be developed legally, Valencia will have to face the situation and prove his innocence in court.

Estral Esports will now have to face an almost total reconstruction of its team, after multiple scandals with personalities from the competitive scene of League of Legends that have harmed your imageLet’s hope that the team is much more rigorous when selecting their workers and they manage to achieve the excellence that characterized them inside and outside the summoner’s rift.

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