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The theme of the skins in Counter Strike: GO It has been a real madness for years. In case any of our readers have been lost, I remind you that they are nothing more than textures that change the design and appearance of the weapons in the game, and that they do not contribute anything beyond their cosmetic value, so yes, they are pure aesthetics. .

Counter Strike: GO allows you to get these skins for free, that is, you just have to play games to get boxes that will give you different skins, but we must keep in mind that the rarest designs are very difficult to obtain, and that they can also be traded with them. In fact, the rarest models can become very valuable, and in the end It is not strange that they end up selling for a lot of money.

When I talk about a lot of money, I don’t mean hundreds or thousands of euros, but hundreds of thousands, and to show a button. Just a couple days ago it was completed the second largest sales operation in the entire history of Counter Strike: GO, and as you will see below the figure is totally dizzying.

Counter Strike GO

This operation involved the sale of a skin with AK-47 661 ST MW with 4x Titan (Holo) and a Karambit #387 P1 in a worn state, all for a total amount of $500,000, which is equivalent right now to about 456,600 euros. Of that pack, what is most valuable is the skin applied to the AK-47, since it was sold for $400,000.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Counter Strike: GO skin market once Counter Strike 2 is released, though I imagine the original game will continue to have a great pull and that changes will not occur in a sudden way. For the curious, we know that the buyer of these two skins was a player of Chinese origin.

We have said that this has been the second most expensive sale operation in the history of Counter Strike: GO, so you may be wondering which was the first. Don’t worry, we are not going to leave you wondering, the most expensive sale was a hardened holster for an AK-47 and a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore, which reached $775,000.

That figure could have come to nothing if a player had accepted the bid of $1.5 million by skin Blue Gem Karambit, but in the end he decided to reject it, I suppose because he himself believed that he could end up getting more money for it. Yes, these are heart-stopping figures that, frankly, make me question many things.

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