League of Legends v13.8: The MSI version arrives with all these new features

League of Legendsthe popular MOBA from Riot Games, has already released its new patch 13.8available from this April 18th of 2023. This time the new update of the game prepares the ground for the MSI tournament which will kick off the next may 2.

Thus, this version focuses on increase the diversity of champions of the professional scene, improving some little used and weakening others that work too well. In addition, we also have new skin sets and bug fixes, as always. We show you summarized below the most relevant details of the patch.

Champion Balance Changes

In version 13.8 of League of Legends these are all general changes suffered by the champions of the game:

  • Aurelion Sol: Health growth and armor growth are reduced.
  • Ezreal: Increases basic attack damage.
  • Garen: Base AD and armor increased.
  • Janna: W damage increased. E shield decay duration increased.
  • Jarvan IV: Decreases the growth of DA. Q damage decreased.
  • Kain: E – Shadow Assassin movement speed bonus decreased, cooldown increased.
  • Kha’Zix: Q base damage increased.
  • Kog’Maw: Passive true damage increased. Kog’Maw is now in a ghostly state while the passive is active. Q cooldown decreased. E mana cost decreased. Slow increased.
  • Lioness: W magic resist and armor increased. Magic damage increased.
  • lillia: Passive damage against monsters and healing against monsters are increased. Healing against champions has been adjusted.
  • malphite: W buffed attack damage and armor scaling decreased based on Sunder damage.
  • Nidalee: Increases base armor and armor growth.
  • Poppy: Q damage increased. W bonus resistances increased.
  • Rakan: Base armor and armor growth reduced.

Change in Cosmic Drive

Version 13.8 includes the following change to item Cosmic Rush from League of Legends:

cosmic impulse

  • Ability power: 90 ⇒ 100.
  • (New) Unique Passive – Spell Dance: Damaging a champion (excluding damage over time) generates a stack of 2.5% of movement speed every 1.5 seconds for the next 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 4 stacks (10% of movement speed). speed of movement). At 4 stacks, gains 10% bonus movement speed (20% movement speed total). Dealing damage resets this effect. (You only need to deal damage once for it to start stacking up periodically. After that, you only need to hit opponents once again after a short time to get all the stacks. You don’t have to hit them four times in a row. 1.5 s.).

Mythical Shop Rotation

In version 13.8 the following are already available mythical shop items:

  • Prestige True Damage Senna
  • Prestige Herald of Chaos Kayn
  • Orderbringer Riven Mythic Chroma (Harbinger of Chaos)

New look of the challenges page

In this version Riot has implemented a visual refresh of the challenges page. Before, the content was ordered by individual challenges, which was somewhat confusing according to the company, so now the challenges they are ordered by pillars and groupswhat should easy navigation.

In the following image you can see a example of the new redesign of this section:

Bug fixes and quality improvements

  • Fixed a bug where Milio would sometimes crash the game if he was in a match against Ahri, Viego, or Sylas.
  • Fixed a bug where Diana’s Q range was slightly shorter or longer if cast while using Flash.
  • Fixed several bugs where using the Shop Undo option with a cookie in possession would reduce or increase the total mana by an amount greater than what the item in question grants.
  • Fixed a bug where Twitch’s R area of ​​effect would not deal damage to himself or enemies under the influence of Renata Glasc’s Fury.
  • Fixed a bug where the end of game score would show neutral minion kills in both jungles, but the income from them would not be calculated.
  • Fixed a bug where Vel’Koz’s R could be recast to interrupt the ability if cast at the start of the ability.
  • Fixed a bug where a minion would get the dragon kill if it fell to the Shaco clone.
  • Fixed a bug where Yuumi’s ally wouldn’t get Friendship stacks when killing champions with Yuumi attached.
  • Fixed a bug where Yuumi’s Q end sound could be heard in fog of war.
  • Fixed a bug where getting stuck wouldn’t stop the retreat.
  • Fixed a bug where Sona’s passive would double if a certain series of keys were pressed at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where Aurelion Sol’s R enhanced shockwave would not deal damage
  • Fixed a bug where Draven’s R could clip through spell shields, like Sivir’s E, to execute champions. Here I thought bounty hunters knew how to dodge spinning axes… or is it just hand axes?
  • Fixed a bug where Draven’s R wouldn’t execute enemies if they were near him when he cast it.
  • Fixed a bug where Ornn’s E and R liftoffs couldn’t be removed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some of Aurelion Sol’s glorious voice-over lines to not play.
  • Fixed a bug where Xayah’s Q would no longer recalculate the cast time if she sold an item while dead. In addition, it increased the attack speed of her ability.
  • Fixed a bug where Kai’Sa could sometimes use her R to escape from Mordekaiser’s Realm of Death.
  • Fixed a bug where Gargoyle’s Stoneward Protector’s Unyielding effect was reduced based on the power of heals and shields.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Watchful Guardian Stone to be copied and sold over and over again.

skin settings:

  • Jarvan IV’s hand from the Lunar Beast/Worlds 2021 skins now correctly holds the spear during the Dragon Strike (Q) animation.
  • Jarvan IV Worlds 2021’s left shoulder pad no longer rotates unnaturally after using the Dragon Strike (Q) ability.
  • The flag animation of the Jarvan IV Fnatic skin has been reset during the cast of Demacian Banner (E).

Upcoming Skins and Chromas

On this occasion Riot Games has communicated the following new skins and chromas that will arrive throughout this version 13.8 of LoL:

  • Available from April 20, 2023: Warrior of Order Renekton, Warrior of Order Vayne, Herald of Chaos Jarvan IV, and Herald of Chaos Nasus (at 10:00 p.m. ET).
  • New chromas coming soon: Renekton Warrior of Order, Vayne Warrior of Order, Jarvan IV Herald of Chaos, and Nasus Herald of Chaos.

you can consult the notes in full of the patch from this official link.

League of Legends is a MOBA found totally free for pc gamers. To find out more about him you can read our analysis and if you want to delve into his universe on the right foot, do not hesitate to visit our tips and tricks guide.

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