Are there PC exclusive games? Yes, and here you have the best

PC does have exclusives

That exclusive quality must be accompanied by the idea that it is because he alone would be able to convince someone to buy a certain console, which includes PCs. Indeed, although it may not seem like it, computers have games that are exclusive to the platform and that both PlayStation and Xbox or Nintendo Switch still dream of having them one day. It is true that its characteristics vary extraordinarily compared to the concept of games exclusive on consoles, but that doesn’t stop them: either you have a PC at home or you won’t be able to play them.

So we have decided to gather some names that you will surely knowbut that does not stop being exclusive and, therefore, only for the enjoyment of users with a monitor, tower, keyboard and mouse. Here you have them and their order does not meet any criteria, at least of quality or recognition, so here, at this point, that each one grants in their head the place they deserve in the Olympus of pc gaming. Here we go.


Riot, the parents of League of Legendsthey were clear that they wanted to compete and dethrone CS:GO and they took this one out of their sleeve shooter team competition that has enjoyed great success from day one, even going so far as to organize a scenes of eSports very important.


The famous shooter from Valve is, without a doubt, the absolute king of PC because it is the one that recurringly more users agglutinates daily on platforms like Steam. In addition, it is also -along with League of Legends– the king of the esports scene and as long as no one says otherwise, you can only play it on computers.

League of Legends

This Riot title has been one of the culprits of the resurgence gamer on PC and its annual growth compared to those who play with mobile phones or consoles. Five against five, a map, dozens of heroes and a scenes of overwhelming eSports that has some of the most followed competitions in the world.

Half life Alyx

Valve decided to bet on virtual reality and to demonstrate that interest, a game based on its best-known franchise was pulled out of its sleeve. The result is the BEST video game you can ever play with a VR headset at home. It is a jewel that we can consider exclusive to PC users.


For the purposes of treating a game as exclusive to a platform, mobile phones are not usually counted on, and although this title -inspired by the lore of world of warcraft– We have it on iOS and Android, only those who have a PC will be able to do it in a domestic format and on a screen of 27, 32 or more inches. So if you haven’t tried it, you’re taking time.


Surely it is the original title of a genre in which it stands out League of Legendsbut what they also have tens of thousands of players every day. Multiplayer like (almost) all that precede it on this list, has a rope for a while.

world of warcraft

The MMORPG by definition, the one that has marked several generations of gamers and that he is about to turn 20 years old. There is no other platform where you can enjoy it so either you buy a PC (or Mac) or there is nothing to do.

Devil Immortal

The next Diablo IV It will come to PC and consoles, but this development – ​​originally only for mobile phones – finally landed on computers, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get out of there. So yeah, it’s another platform exclusive.

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