Eduardo Cázares, Riot Games, on the structure of the LLA

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The LATAM Esports Product Manager was enthusiastic about the future of the LLA.Riot Press (Ingrid Mühlenbrock)

The Latin American League of League of Legends, ALLended with Rainbow 7 being crowned champion and was able to talk with Eduardo CazaresEsports Product Manager of Riot Games LATAM regarding the future of the competition, the inclusion of new teams and the success of the Torneo Apertura.

After the first split of 2023, Eduardo did not hide his joy at the results: “We have a fairly positive balance. This season we applied changes from the comments of the community, trying to strengthen the pillars of the competition and they were the fans who led the way. This shows that andThe product can always improvebut that when these changes are applied, people respond ”.

In recent weeks, the rumors that a new team would join the LLA and Cázares responded to this: “Fortunately, the LLA always has organizations that want to join the League. There is a lot of appetite from organizations, both inside and outside of Latin America, to be in the LLA. This is good, it gives value to the League itself”.

Our position is that, whoever comes, gets to add and with a long-term vision. Projects that win over fans, that have the resources to surprise us with relevant content, that have a different way of elevating their stars. All of this is taken into consideration when these convergences exist, as was the case with Six Karma”, Eduardo maintained, practically confirming the entry of a new institution and added: “The League can still find a better structure and the organizations want to be part of that better version of the LLA”.

What happened with The Kings was a hard event for Riot in Latin America and the Esports Product Manager commented: “I think we can improve in the way of ensuring that organizations have a solid projectwho have the backing, resources and adequate structures. There are very nice stories of tier 3, tier 2, tier 1 sports roads and they are inspirational, but we are committed to protecting the ecosystem”.

Ending the talk, Eduardo spoke about future format changes: “We are open to proposals that improve competition. I am not committing that there will be no changes for the following year because if it is something to improve, we will be willing and we will not be afraid to do it “and culminated in the second split, where the road to the Worlds begins: “There will be an initiation event for the Closing Tournament.”

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