Global Offensive and charges hard against Valve

Counter Strike has boxes that give us access to new weapons.

ElXokas spends more than 3,500 euros on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boxes and charges hard against Valve
elXokas is a Galician streamer residing in Spain

Today we can see how Counter Strike continues to be one of the most played titles even with all the time that has passed since its release, when a formula like the one in this title works so well, it is better not to change it too much. However, it seems that Valve does not think the samesince just a few weeks ago he announced the launch of the second part of counter strike.

Of course, far from forcing players who already have the title to go through the box, it has been revealed that following a similar strategy as seen with Overwatch 2 Last October, Counter Strike 2 will be free for all those who already had the original, thereby giving rise to the jumping from one title to another is not so inaccessible. Now, it seems that not everyone is happy with what happened with Valve.

The well-known streamer elXokas spends 3,600 euros on Counter Strike boxes

During these days we have been able to see how a new clip of elXokas, the well-known Galician streamer, who playing Counter-Strike would have spent the whopping amount of 3,600 euros in the boxes of the Valve title, while what was obtained in these seems to have not been to his liking, since in a viral clip uploaded to Tiktok and that you can see under these lines you can hear and see how the streamer dedicates himself for almost four minutes to hurl insults at Valve, being something that has not left anyone indifferent:

@imanolopezz Xokas spends €4,000 on Counter Strike 2 and this happens… . . . . . . . . . . . #xokas #xokasclip #twitch #viral #csgo #csgo2 #valve #steam ♬ original sound – imaNOL

It should be noted that in Counter Strike you can spend real money to get new weapons, although these are somewhat random, so no matter how much we spend, the luck factor is always present. Having said all this, it should be noted that Counter Strike 2 would keep these mechanics. Also, it should be noted that the new Valve title would have the release date scheduled for summer 2023being that the title would be released on PC, although rumors are already beginning to be heard about a release of Counter Strike on more platforms.

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