“He is the most useless in history”

League of Legends Patch 13.8 (LoL) is already on the official server. We are talking about the version that will be played during the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 (MSI 2023). Changes arrived on various characters such as ezreal, garen, Kog’Maw either Janna, among many others. As if that weren’t enough, there was also an interesting update on the Cosmic Rush. However, for Nick De Cesare”LS» It has not been a patch of great importance, rather the opposite.

According to the analyst and content creator, this patch 13.8 of LoL will not change things too much for MSI 2023. More like business as usual, which leaves us with a stagnant metagame. «It’s the most useless patch ever. If you want to talk about the biggest joke when it comes to an update, this is it for sure.“, said LS himself in a video.

LS harshly criticizes LoL patch 13.8, the version of MSI 2023

Weeks ago, when Riot Games presented version 13.6, LS highlighted that League of Legends was completely stagnant. «It is a patch that does nothing. Obsolete, stagnant, depressing, I can’t say otherwise“, he claimed. And it is that, as he confesses, the goal has been the same for four months. All this ended with a forceful sentence: «We are in an extremely depressing meta«.

However, although the analyst is extremely displeased with the few changes implemented, the community is somewhat more optimistic. At least in how it will affect their games. The debuffs to Jarvan IV and Malphite They have excited many players. Also changes to Nidalee have been the subject of comments by players.

For now, the MSI 2023 will start on May 2. Although everyone is excited, LS believes that Riot Games has missed an opportunity to make a unique and completely renewed event.

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