Heretics advance to EMEA Masters semi-finals

The most important LoL contest for the Tier-2 de Europa learned in recent days who the four semifinalist teams will be and, of course, there will be a Spanish presence in this final stretch. Yesterday afternoon Movistar Riders was at the gates of what could have been an epic comebackafter a partial 0-2 the Riders and brand new champions of super league they managed to equalize the series forcing a fifth and last confrontation, however it did not reach and the series was finally for Unicorns of Love.

This afternoon the last day of the Quarter finals of the EMEA Masters where The Heretics they emerged winners of an electrifying new series. The current champions of the European contest this time were the executioners of Team GO from France. The team led by flakked The series started off on the wrong foot, despite this they quickly not only managed to put a draw, but also move to the front thanks to the brilliant performances of the Spanish shooter.

With the match point against, the French squad, far from remaining with their arms crossed, ended up taking a fourth game that could be for anyone, but the great role it played Lyncas (wukong) was decisive for Team GO claim the Soul of the Hextech Dragon, Baron Nashor and the Ancient Dragon and thus force a fifth map in an already heart-stopping series.

The perfect game that takes them back to the semifinals

The fifth and last cross between Heretics and Team GO seemed totally ripped from this series. Unlike the other four games, the Spanish team dominated from start to finish with almost no opposition. Once again the bottom lane of The Heretics was decisive, the composition of flakked (Draven – 5/0/8) and Marlon (Pyke – 3/0/5) the “forced” to play a very aggressive LoL leaving no option to the bot lane rival (Zeri-Renata).

Besides bluezor he was able to get all of the Rift objectives, from the two Heralds to the Soul of the Tech-Chemical Dragon and the only Baron Nashor in the game. Finally a few seconds before 30 minutes, The Heretics managed to destroy the nexus of the French team to claim the ticket to the semifinals of the EMEA Masters where it already awaits Unicorns of Love.

Days and times of the EMEA Masters semifinals


  • Unicorns of Love vs. The Heretics – Tuesday 04/25 from 17:00 ESP / 12:00 ARG / 11:00 CHI / 09:00 MEX.
  • SK Gaming Prime vs. Istanbul Wildcats – Wednesday 04/26 from 5:00 p.m. ESP / 12:00 a.m. ARG / 11:00 a.m. CHI / 09:00 a.m. MEX.

Grand Final – April 29

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