Minecraft Legends: All the First Ones and How to Awaken Them

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The First in Minecraft Legends are ancient beings capable of great destruction when it comes to killing Piglins, and if you want to know how to get them and wake up, we’ll tell you everything you need.

In Minecraft Legends there are plenty of mobs, but few are as powerful as the First. Within the Minecraft universe, they are ancient beings that represent a valuable resource. In addition, they can also help us kill off some Piglins and save the world from their reign of terror.

However, finding the First Ones and waking them up can be a bit tricky. So, with this in mind, we bring you a list of all the Firsts, what they can do and how we can get hold of them.

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All Firsts in Minecraft Legends

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The First Ones are very powerful allies

In total there are four First that we will have to find in Minecraft Legends, and each one can be achieved by spending resources. Once we’ve gotten the First Ones, they’ll meet us at any spawn zone to fight with us. As long as we take them with us, of course.

The First Ones are extremely powerful and some of the best mobs we can fight, which is to say, they worth the time to get them.

These are the four First that we can unlock and what they bring us in battle:

  • Stone: throws big rocks at Piglins.
  • Greenstone: Spawn other Golems
  • Brick: create shields to protect allies
  • Oak: powerful ranged attacks with a cannon

How to awaken the First Ones

Mojang / Blackbird Interactive

Waking them up can be a bit tricky

Before we can unlock the First Ones, we will first have to find them. As each world is different, there is no specific location. Instead, we recommend exploring the world without fast travel and heading for any yellow question marks we find along the way.

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When we have found a First, we must return to the Well of Destiny and make the Improvement: Awaken the First with 100 prismarines and 100 stones. Then we can go back to those creatures and wake them up. It will cost us gold and another resource, so make sure you have everything you need.

After the cutscene, the First will be our ally. We will only have to go to a respawn zone and they will appear ready to fight with us.

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