non-invasive trend is darling of the moment

The buzzword in aesthetic medicine is body remodeling. Non-invasive techniques are the new trend in the beauty world. The procedures sculpt the silhouette, remodel the body and eliminate localized fat without the need for surgical intervention.

The methods won over celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Sabrina Sato, adept at methods based on radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields. Without pain or cuts, it is possible to have firmer skin, make the body more harmonious and get rid of extra fat.

The great advantage of body remodeling is seeing quick results without having to go through a lengthy and painful postoperative period. One of the most beloved is the Morpheus, a treatment that uses gold-coated microneedles capable of penetrating the skin deeply. The radiofrequency emitted in this deeper layer helps to burn localized fat, in addition to reducing flaccidity, stretch marks and cellulite. This is one of Kim Kardashian’s body secrets.

Kim Kardashian has the Morpheus treatment, which burns fatKim Kardashian does the Morpheus treatment, which burns fat. Playback/Instagram

Radiofrequency is also the basis of bodytite and the Coolwaves wave, which yield similar results. A cryolipolysis It is indicated for those looking for an improvement in muscle tone, in addition to combating flaccidity and localized fat. The treatment freezes and kills the fat cells.

Sabrina Sato pushes butt with Boom BoosterSabrina Sato pumps her butt with the help of the Boom Booster. Playback/Instagram

That perky butt desired by many women can count on the help of the boom booster, which uses collagen biostimulators, hyaluronic acid and amino acids to increase the volume of the region by up to 20%. The procedure, performed by celebrities such as Sabrina Sato, is injectable and helps reduce flaccidity and cellulite. Other options for the butt are Sculptra, dowsing It is Elevate. They reshape and fill the area with hyaluronic acid.

The effects of non-invasive procedures are mild, such as bruising in the area where an injectable was applied. Some care can be recommended, such as the use of a compression strap and little physical activity during the week of treatment.

Featured Photo: Kim Kardashian is adept at body remodeling. Playback: Instagram

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