The Super agency inaugurates a new 25-story building and helipu

Super has set up a Minecraft server in which his imposing 25-story building is located, with a spectacular view of the virtual city in which it is located. Upon entering the office, visitors will be able to tour the different floors and areas that comprise it, such as a modern reception, a green garden with an orchard on the roof to relax, a recording studio, an awards and statuettes room, a editing room, a streaming room, a meeting room and board, and a special room for Meets. In addition, they will be able to enjoy various decorative elements and references to the agency.

Regarding the new opening of the agency, he expressed Sergio Ruggiero, Global CEO of Super: “We decided to open this tenth office because we not only wanted to tell that we do advergaming, we wanted to show it. And I think that this office is a reflection of our capabilities, and they show that we can join a video game in a completely organic way. Just as we can make a development of this magnitude, we can host it, amplify it and even generate conversation in the world of gaming.”

Super’s Minecraft office is not only a showcase of the agency’s expertise in advergaming, innovation and creativity, but also allows potential clients and talent to experience a new way of interacting with the company. Without a doubt, this is a step further in the search for new ways of communicating and advertising.

ruggiero He also referred to the agency’s foray into advergaming: “About two years ago we started flirting with advergaming, but we realized that as long as an agency will keep the traditional teams – be it media planners, creatives, strategies, etc. -, would never excel in this area. Without wishing to generalize, the reality is that they are not usually specialists. That is why a little over a year ago we began to form a team of “Xperts” in gaming. Native gamers, which we put to work in pairs with all the traditional positions of the agency. And little by little the results are revealed, from being recognized in awards such as the Diente de Argentina, or the Círculo de creativos de México, to being able to launch this tremendous office in Minecraft.”

Superwhich this year celebrates its fifth anniversary, is characterized by its unique format of an independent regional agency. Develops strategy, creativity, media, data, social, UX, production, content, influencers marketing, innovation and BTL, with 350 talents from all over Latam, based in 9 countries: Mexico, USA, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil , Uruguay and Spain. He works as a team for many of the region’s leading brands such as Mercado Libre, PepsiCo, Unilever, Nokia, and Mabe, among others. It also has a SUPER XPERTS services department, where it specializes in different topics of relevance to its clients (such as gamer, startup, gender in its Woman Division, among others).

Super Virtual Office. Advertiser: Super. Brand: Super – Super Virtual Office. Product: super in minecraft Advertising agency: Super. CEO: Sergio Ruggiero (Global CEO of Super). Country: International. Category: Institutional and corporate image. Auspices and sponsorships.

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