Treatz bets on his second North American adventure

Immortals has had one of the worst comebacks in recent League of Legends history. The club returned to League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) at the end of 2019 by recovering the position occupied by OpTic Gaming. Since then, the North American entity has occupied the lower zone of the classification, having its best result in a seventh position. Therefore, the club wants to make changes for the next Summer Split and has rescued a European player who had not competed in the Spring Split: Erik Wessen «Treatz«.

Immortals has announced the signing of Treatz, who will replace Kamir Kemiksiz “Fleshy” in the starting five. Instead, the Turkish support will become part of the Immortals academy. For the past two years the Swede has competed in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) as support from SK Gaming, getting to play a season as a jungler after the departure of Kristian Østergaard «TynX” behind the Spring Split 2021. However, for the last season the German team opted for the incorporation of Thomas Foucou «exakick«, who came to the club from LDLC OL together with his line partner: Mads Schwartz «Doss«.

However, this is not Treatz’s first North American experience. The Swede was part of TSM from the end of 2018 to the end of 2020, becoming part of the first team temporarily. At this stage in the club of Andy Dinh «Reginald» the support He coincided with Edward Ra «Tactical», with whom he will now share a line again. Beyond the incorporation of the former Movistar Riders player, Immortals has also announced the departure of Mohamed Kaddoura «revenge«.

What was the last ‘great’ season of Immortals?

Since their return to the LCS, Immortals has been part of the bottom table of the leaderboard. However, the North American club has not always had bad results. In its debut year, the team placed third on two consecutive occasions with a squad that mainly included Heo Seung-hoon «Huni«. The best result came in the Summer Split 2017, when the club was runner-up and participated for the first and only time in worlds. Of course, the entity was one of the victims of the famous comeback of Fnatic in the group stage to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

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