Valorant: A new sponsor arrives for Game Changers LATAM, VISA will support the competitive female

Competitions in the world of esports are increasing more and more, which is why brands are delving deeper into this new experience, now VISA is here to support the women’s scene by sponsoring Game Changers in Latin America to bet on a greater female presence and have a much bigger push from this scene to have a much bigger boom.

“We are proud to expand our sponsorship offer and delve into the gaming scene with partners like LVP and Riot Games, to support the development of Valorant Game Changers. This is one more example of the commitment we have at Visa to support women to prosper in different fields, while we support the growth of Gaming in our region by offering secure and convenient payment experiences to the gamer community in Latin America and the Caribbean. ”

Luciana Resende, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Visa Latin America and the Caribbean

For his part, Jordi SolerCEO of LVP mentioned: “We are very happy to add Visa as part of our strategic allies in Latin America. This partnership will create a magnificent environment that will show the potential of the best professional players in electronic competitions. Its visibility will not only help inspire gaming enthusiasts, but also interest future generations in this new world of entertainment.”

Without a doubt, this is a great opportunity for the women’s competitive scene because it will give greater visibility to the teams in this sector, the arrival of VISA will have a good impact within the league and this will give the opportunity for several brands to put his eyes on this tournament which will make things stop Game Changers be much better in the future.

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